If you're racing your first marathon here's a quick guide on the ever important "What to Wear". We have you covered for every temperature. Remember, take the race time temperature, add 20 degrees and wear what you'd be comfortable standing around in at the temperature. Example: It's 50º, add 20º: what would you wear to stand around on a 70º day. Shorts, tee, maybe a long sleeve in case. Translation to race day: shorts, tank/tee, armwarmers. Ta-da!

What to Wear on a 35º-45º Marathon Race Day

You'll want to have easy-to-shed layers in case it heats up.
- cheapo gloves that you can toss off
- armwarmers (can always throw to a friend or tuck into your waistband)
- lesley knickers, fast, free-moving, not too hot but cover your knees which is key
- super wicking tee or tank
- your lucky sports bra/socks :)

What to Wear on a 45º-60º Marathon Race Day

Basically the same components and thought behind the 40º outfit. Some easy-to-shed layers. Swap lesley knickers for shorts, go tank instead of tee.
- armwarmers and or gloves
- shorts (a zip pocket is key to hold your gu, sticking it in your sports bra is asking for chaffing. trust me.)
- super wicking tank
- your lucky sports bra/socks :)

What to Wear on a Hot Marathon Race Day

The key here is to not overheat! Shorts, sports bra, light tank if you want. A trick to starting out cool is to soak your hair with cold water before lining up
- shorts
- light top or just a sports bra
- ice cube lined bra ;)

Tip: When you are doing a destination marathon be sure to bring enough clothes. If the East Coast's spring weather is any indication, Boston Marathon morning could bring heat, rain, wind, snow... really anything.

Packing List (Apparel)
- Capris
- Shorts
- Tights
- Armwarmers
- Tech tee
- Tech tank
- Sports Bra (obviously!)
- and on that note: SOCKS! Your lucky ones.
- Race Day and Rest Day Rundies (be sure not to wear the wrong ones on the wrong day)
- Throwaway long sleeve
- Throwaway gloves

Alisoune Lee