In 2017, I reached a lifetime goal: qualifying for my 2nd USA Marathon Olympic Trials. Not only did I qualify, but I also ran a solid PR (3.5 minutes). I believe in celebration and rest (I wholeheartedly enjoyed my December break after the marathon), but I also believe in setting goals soon after a big event. As most runners can relate, by the time I was eating my first meal after the marathon, I was plotting my next plan of attack. For most of us, post-race goal setting is fueled by endorphins, competition and exhaustion. Annual goal setting is a little different because you can more clearly self-examine your attitude/outlook on the sport, you can set your goals both long and short-term to guide you to success in the direction you would like to go.

I plan on sharpening my speed and taking my racing to another level in 2018 – my mantra this year is “Find a way. Be brazen!”

I am excited to tie up my pony tail and get after my 2018 goals. However, I have learned that chasing big goals works best when you have a team. Could be a team of 2, could be a local team, and could be all of the Oiselle Volée! I pursue my goals best when I know I am being watched. That sounds creepy… But I seriously like sharing my story and being accountable/vulnerable with the Oiselle family. Knowing that we are in this running journey together inspires me.

I call it the “Volée singlet effect.” When you put on your Volée race singlet, you feel stronger, fierce and more confident. I think we feel this way, not because of the awesome colors, sleek design or nice fabric, but because we are unified as a team! We are bigger than just one runner’s goal.  When I am chasing my goals in 2018, I will be channeling that same feeling I get when I put on my Oiselle race kit: brave, strong, fierce, and united. #HeadUpWingsOut - let’s get after it in 2018!



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