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STORY is our theme – and rallying cry – for 2018.

This past weekend, we kicked off STORY by hosting a new kind of event here in Seattle: Runway Slam! (Part fashion show and part poetry slam). I can’t think of a better way to launch a season. As you know, we love design, and amazing fabrics, and fierce styles, but none of that matters without the women who wear the clothes. And as always, strong ass women inspire everything we do!

To see more on Runway Slam, check out this write up from Outside Magazine. Or you can view it, start to finish, on our Facebook page, or via this look book that Women’s Running put together right after the show!


So it’s a new season! It always feels like a big deal to share what we’ve been working on for more than a year. And Spring 18, all biases acknowledged, will not disappoint. We have taken giant leaps forward in many areas, from the smallest detail to the big ideas of fit and fabric and sizing.

Without further ado, here are my crib notes on what’s new and notable about Spring 18:

New shorts – and more lengths than ever before

Past: We’ve always been known for our great running shorts, in fantastic fabrics, with a lot of pockets. And while there are a good number of women who love short shorts, there are also a good number of women who want longer styles. Spring 18 is the season for everyone – of all the shorts lengths!

Future: I’ll be doing a full round up/review of our shorts collection very soon, but just know that we have an incredible new line-up that includes A LOT of longer lengths. Plus, Spandos Shorts in two lengths. And Long Flyout Shorts. And Pocket Jogger Shorts (in two lengths), and a Long Roga Skirt. Longer lengths, more pockets, updated fits… I mean c’mon, we’re going to win shorts this spring!

Extending our size grade to size 14

Past: As you know, for quite some time, our size grade has been XS-XL and 2-12. I’m the first to admit, it’s not ideal. There are women at both ends of the spectrum who get left out, and that’s the last thing we want. At the same time, we needed to approach extending our size grade with care (to make sure it’s done right, and the fit is on point) as well as incrementally (to see if there is demand for the products).

Future: For the past year, we’ve been working with a size 14 athlete to develop key styles in this size. Starting with Spring 18, we have eight key styles that are also available in size 14:

Tops: Gallery Window Tee, Go Tank, Brilliance Bra

Shorts: Roga Shorts, Long Roga Shorts, Long Pocket Jogger Shorts

Skirt: Long Roga Skirt

Bottoms: Pocket Jogger Capris

For our friends and teammates in this range, we hope you will give these styles a try. We are eager to hear your feedback, whether positive or negative, and look forward to continuing to evolve this collection. What we know for sure: all women deserve clothes that fit well and support their athletic endeavors!

Fabric improvements

Past: When we launched Pocket Joggers in Spring of 2017, they were an immediate hit. They were in our tried and true Nyelle™ fabric, and the stretch and softness is unrivaled. With Fall 17, we decided to move the style into our Plya™ Compression, but with mixed results. Although Plya is more compressive, it wasn’t as well-loved as Nyelle.

Future: With Spring 18, holla! We return the Pocket Jogger Capris (and now shorts) back to the Nyelle fabric. Unchanged: all the amazing pockets (both on the leg, and at the center back, and along the waistband). They will continue to support women who want/need/must have all those pockets for anything they damn well please.



New care/content/size system

Past: As you know, we dig simplicity. And that’s why we’ve used “heat transfers” as long as we have. These are the ovals inside the neck or waistband of your garment, that tell you the size, care, content, and country of origin. In the plus column: they’re minimal, usually durable, no scratchy tags. In the minus column: they often crack, peel and fall off over time.

Future: Starting with Spring 18, you’ll see our entirely new care/content/size system and I’m irrationally excited about it. It’s entirely unique to Oiselle (we haven’t seen it used by any other brand) and in my mind, it personifies design elegance. Essentially, it’s made up of two parts: 1) a grosgrain ribbon, printed with our brand and the garment size, that is sewn into the garment. 2) Wrapped around this ribbon is another soft woven label that is intended to be cut out before you start flystyle-ing. This label includes your care/content information. But since the care/content of almost all of our styles is the same (machine wash cold, tumble dry low), it’s unneeded for the long haul of the garment.

New exterior branding

Past: We’ve loved our reflective logo! Silvery and bird up…the beauty mark of so much flystyle. But we don’t love it when it cracks and peels. The reason for this issue is highly variable, depending on fabric, temperature used at application, etc. Bottom line, as a detail obsessed designer, I was done with this small element not holding up 100% (the things that keep you awake at night… yes, this is one of mine).

Future: Introducing an entirely new exterior branding system, one that balances two things I value in design: subtlety and beauty. The exterior faux suede branding system is interesting in that it harkens back to our first season. In 2007, our first shorts had a small, faux suede “flag tag,” as it’s called. Starting with Spring 18, you’ll see these small, soft details show up across our line, whether it’s at the center back neck of a bra or tank top, wrapped around the hem of shorts, or on side seams of both tops and bottoms. Better yet, these labels will remain forever soft, washable, and easy to care for over many, many miles!

Details, details, details!

Across the line, we always look for ways to improve those small details that make a big difference. In no particular order, Spring 18 includes:

Roga Shorts – Small increase to leg openings and small increase to rear and front rise

Mile One Pullover – Increase in body length by 1”, and now in Plya™ Stripe

Lesko Bra – Now with our flock graphic!

Team Bra – Same silhouette as the Hi Ten, but in Plya Compression – plus logo screen print!

Ballard Bra – A gorgeous, strappy newcomer. Did you see Tori Franklin wearing it in the Runway Slam?!

Photo love – Our gallery styles include a classic bird flock, but also one of our fave photos: Lauren Fleshman racing cross country through the trees of Franklin Park in Seattle.

Diamond Print – a favorite from 2012 is back in black - and two beautiful blues!

Collared Roga Dress – with a neck placket that is sewn down, and won’t flip out.

Spandos Shorts – Long and short versions, with the rise on both reduced a bit – to prevent riding up.

New Runner Trucker Hats – in the “running women” print. This hat design (aka the trucker hat that actually fits women’s heads) remains a best seller, and this print by Filippa Edghill is perfection.


Running and flying.


All telling our unique stories.

It’s what 2018 is all about, and everyone at The Nest is honored to share it with you! And per usual, we’re here to answer any questions you might have… just email hello@oiselle

Cheers, and I look forward to seeing you out on the road, track, or trails.



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