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Make no mistake, we love the singlet. But every now and then, a race calls for something else. 

Enter Spandos. They’re bold. They’re beautiful. They’re badass. And they’re increasingly the race day choice of some of our fiercest flyers. We hear from 5 of our Spandos racers, and learn about how they use the Spandos power suit to stand out and race brave!


Rose Wetzel

Seattle, Washington

Races: Spartan Race World Championships, American Ninja Warrior, & countless others

Powersuit Print: Red Wave


Why Spandos?

I love Spandos! Finally, there’s racing gear that matches my energy and enthusiasm for running – thanks, Oiselle!

How do they make you feel when you’re toeing the line?

Toeing the line in bright, creative Spandos sends a message to the world (and to myself) that I’m confident, I’m excited, and I’m ready to rock!

What print is your power suit, and why?

Red Wave all the way. When I’m warming up for a race in Red Wave Spandos, people shower me with positive energy: “I love your pants.” “You look awesome.” Talk about a great boost right before a race! I burst off the starting line like a flash of rainbow red lightning!


Liz Anjos Portland, Oregon

Races: Chicago Marathon, Oregon Wine Country Half

Powersuit Print: Race-specific


Why Spandos?

I love Spandos for the fun prints and flattering design. I like how the shorts give off sort of a vintage vibe with the higher waistband, and as runner who doesn’t have a whole lot going on up top, I love the feminine v-neck cut of the Jane bra.

How do they make you feel when you’re toeing the line?

I race in Spandos because I like how they look and feel. They stay put really well and they make me feel great. In the two races in which I’ve worn them, I got a ton of shout outs on the course. And the more cheering I get, the more energy there is for me to feed off of. In Chicago I felt like a total rock star in my Disco Spandos. I got a lot of “Go 404! …. I love your outfit!” When I wore the Floral Spandos for the Oregon Wine Country Half, the bold flower and citrus print just made people smile. My coach keeps giving me a hard time because I’m pretty sure he thinks I look ridiculous… but hey, they make me feel good, and when you feel good, you race good.

What print is your power suit, and why?

I like to match what I wear to the setting of the race. I wore my Floral Spandos for the Oregon Wine Country Half this August because they’re so summery. I wore the Disco Spandos for Chicago because the print reminds me of city lights at night.


Krysta Gunvalson Portland, Oregon

Race: [winner of the] Girlfriends Run For A Cure 2016 Half Marathon

Powersuit Print: Disco


Why Spandos?

Can I say that I wasn't sure about them at first? Well I wasn't sure about them at first! The prints are bold and totally different from anything else I wear, but once I tried them on there was no going back. Spandos are SO SOFT and comfortable, and wick like nobody's business. Plus, they're compressive enough to keep everything in place. 

How do they make you feel when you’re toeing the line?

Racing in Spandos is the best! They seriously have a magical quality about them that makes you feel incredibly badass - I'm talking Beyoncé level badass. For my last, race it was overcast and in the 50s, which is ideal short-shorts and crop top racing weather for me, but everyone else showed up in pants and jackets. I wore spandos because they were comfortable and made me feel fierce. It didn't matter what anyone else thought. After the race, I had a woman ask me if they were the new elite kit for Oiselle, which must mean that they look AWESOME. Overall though, I chose to race in Spandos because they make a statement: I was showing up to race!

What print is your power suit, and why?

My powersuit is the Disco print (I have other pairs too though)! I love the fun colors, and they match a pair of hot pink compression socks that I typically wear for races. I haven't been able to get my hands on all of the prints, but if I could, I definitely would!


Jess Barnard Seattle, WA

Race: [PRed at the] Portland Twilight

Powersuit Print: Floral


Why Spandos?

Matching two pieces give me life. So does material that is smoother than a baby's bottom.

How do they make you feel when you’re toeing the line?

I felt spicy af. It was a cold and wet day in Portland so I didn't strip down to my Spandos until right before I headed to the line. I threw off my layers and the girl lacing up next to me said, "that's amazing." I walked to my lane and the official said, "whoa, that's awesome." Needless to say, I was feeling pretty good. I felt like the chick walking into the Halloween party with a baller costume. Or how it must feel for an NFL player to walk into a stadium full of thousands of fans. Okay, maybe not, it was the Portland Twilight. But, I went on to run a PR in the 800! Enclothed cognition. It's a thing. 

What print is your power suit, and why?

My favorite print has been called many things: "Pineapple Spandos" (which is funny because there are no pineapples to be found on this garment), "Copacabana", "Fruit Of The Loom"... They're actually called "Floral Spandos"... you know, the yellow ones! While on set shooting bird swim last summer, I was immediately drawn to them. One simply cannot explain thee type of connection one has to thy Spandos.


Julia Bez New York, NY

Race: Philly 10k

Powersuit Print: Green Swirl

Why Spandos?

The fabric has a second skin quality that feels weightless even when it's drenched in sweat.  I also love a color explosion in spandex. How can you not?!

How do they make you feel when you’re toeing the line?

On the technical side, Spandos are great for racing because they don't move or chafe.  But it's also empowering to put on a bold matching set: it's deliberate and planned. I wear my party suit when I'm ready to party.

What print is your power suit, and why?

The Green Swirl is fun, whimsical, and has that 60's love vibe. But the hue is so brilliant - there is no hiding. It says I'm happy to be here and I'm not afraid to make a pain face; my outfit is smiling for me. 


So when you need to stand out, mix it up, or race brave - Spandos are here to serve. And if you're new to Spandos - make sure to subscribe to hear about the next Spandos release. Our Spandos prints are ultra-limited, so if you love them, make sure to snag them before they're gone!

Head Up, Wings Out!



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October 19, 2016 — megan

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