Hi friends, we got you something we think you're going to love. It's a new fabric. In two ready-to-run styles. It's called Flyout Wool and it's as if two of our most popular fabrics -- Flyout HoverFit and Wazzie Wool -- had a beautiful baby. Developed in partnership with our friends at Polartec, it is both lofty and wicking (like our regular Flyout tops), but also warming when it's cool. It's so versatile, in so many different climates, it's been called the Swiss Army Knife of fabrics.

So what do the runners think? What better way to find out than with a wear test from the Little Wing crew. So we sent off the two styles, in the two colors (including a long sleeve with our signature Watch Window) and voila, some straight scoop feedback:


Rebecca Mehra: Although I love the Oiselle wazzie wool products, unless it’s under 20 degrees outside I have a hard time doing hard workouts in them. I get too warm! But, I wear tested the new Flyout Wool Long Sleeve in a track workout in 45 degree weather and was amazed at how comfortable it was. It was warm, yet also so breathable. Perfect for spring workouts as a base layer. I am normally somewhere between a size 4 and 6 in Oiselle tops, but I was pleasantly surprised at how well the size 4 fit me, and that it was long enough on my torso! 10/10 would recommend. I will be purchasing another one of these!


Madeline Strandemo: The Flyout Wool is definitely the flyout middle child. It lives in-between the Flyout Long Sleeve and the Flyout Insulated Baselayer, and I'll probably wear it on any day that it's not already in my hamper and it's between 30 and 50ish degrees in Bend. Perfect for when it's too cold for a flyout long sleeve but too warm for the flyout insulated baselayer.


Key features: 

Fabric: lightweight but warm wool with no itch! This is huge because I can't handle itchy when running.
Watch window: needed for workout days, preferred on easy days. Perfectly positioned for my Garmin.
Thumbholes: I mean who doesn't love thumbholes?! 30-50 degrees means may or may not be needing my lux mittens. Thumbholes is perfect for the in-between.
Fit: more fitted on the arms, so if you're in-between sizes or don't like too tight of a fit on your arms, I'd recommend sizing up!


Carrie Mack: Holy softness. This shirt feels fast. I don't know how that's possible, but it’s true. The weight of the wool is both super cozy and incredibly light. I love that it has the same cut as the other flyout pieces on the bottom hem - really fits nicely. It’s great to see more Oiselle pieces with the Big ASS Watch Window - this is such a game changer and a really smart and unique design feature that I love having on my Oiselle long sleeve tops for colder months of training. Highly functional. Super pumped to test this out on some long runs during marathon build up. The purple color is really lovely too - subtle yet sharp. Can't wait to get the tank top!


Collier Lawrence: I'll be the first to admit I've never been a wool fan. It's a very specific weather material for me but the Flyout Wool LS has me changing my tune. I wore it for a 90 minute run layered under the April Showers Anorak and under cloudy, 35-degree skies in the desert. Relaxed fit through the torso, but fitted through arms, I was never itchy or felt constricted the way I typically feel in wool. In classic fashion I also had to rush to the next thing in my day without changing- even though I was pretty sweaty I didn't feel damp the rest of the day and didn't smell (because the "being able to smell yourself test" is what really matters here). 10/10 will have multiples in this piece. 


Mel Lawrence: Love the wool! I love the textured pattern and little details. It's very soft and it's really lite weight. The weight is similar to the flyout long sleeve, but it's a warmer shirt than the flyout. Wore it on an overcast 40-degree morning and was plenty warm.


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February 07, 2019 — Allyson Ely

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