Guest post by Haute Volée athlete: Lauren Wallace

Since taking time off back in early July, I had been itching to race in my beautiful Oiselle uniform! This past weekend I participated in my first professional race, as well as my first road mile. What better place to do it than Maui? I raced the Bubba Gump's 'Run Forrest Run' Front Street road mile. It was an amazing experience and I am thrilled that I had the opportunity to be a part of it. Shout out and special thanks to Ben Auerbach, the race coordinator, and my coach, Drew Wartenburg for making it happen!


The first couple of days, I laid low and spent most of my time in the amazing hotel that is the Westin Resort & Spa. I knew I wanted to put down a solid time and come home with the win. On race day, I was excited and equally nervous. I had a solid start to the race and found myself out in front.  It is always a little nerve-racking leading in any race, but I trusted my fitness and went after it anyway. For those who aren’t familiar with the course- it runs down Front Street, takes a sharp right turn towards the harbor, and then loops back onto Front Street. I progressed the pace throughout the entire race and with around 200m to go, I was alone and flew home with the energy from the crowd, for the win. In hindsight, I probably should have gone out harder, as I went out a little conservatively, but there are always things in races you wish you could change.


For me, the Hawaiian way of life was really personified by some of the 'course obstacles'. We were around 700m in, rounding a turn around the harbor and out of no where the man with the surfboard was casually walking across the street.  We had to make a wide turn around him to avoid hitting him and his surfboard. In hindsight, I am glad I didn't say anything! It wouldn't have been fun to be whacked with his surfboard if I had startled him. About 20m before him, we had also dodged an elderly couple walking across the street, walkers in hand! Glad I was good at dodgeball growing up!


I had almost all of Sunday to enjoy Maui funtivities. After my long run, we went to the beach, lounged by the pool, and enjoyed ourselves, soaking in the beautiful scenery. I am beyond excited to have started my season out this way.  I am even more excited to be back building fitness in preparation for the Silicon Valley Turkey Trot!!


September 27, 2013 — sarah

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