Kate Grace

June update: I am excited to announce that I am joining the NorCal Distance Project, to be coached by Drew Wartenburg.

Hi Wazzies,

I've been a bit removed from the world of racing, focused on getting strong after a foot injury. That story is not a fun one. But, I have to be thankful for the process. It has allowed me to evaluate what I've learned as an athlete during my time in Bend, to recommit to my goals, and to hone in on what's next.


Reading the mission statement of NorCal DP felt like perusing online dating profiles and finding a match. The group is purposeful, driven, and well thought out. I visited a few weeks ago, and had the same 'click' feeling with the athletes. I can’t wait to join them. (I am especially excited to work with long time Oiselle teammate Lauren Wallace).


As with any switch, the change also brings sadness. It's going to be hard to leave Bend. The town is a runner’s playground (highlighted in a recent Competitor article), and the support I've had here from Little Wing is unparalleled. I've developed friendships on and off the track, and had some great adventures along the way. January altitude camp was a highlight, being able to train with Christine and Collier in anticipation of XC champs. They have been a main motivation over the past few months, as I go through the doubts that come with time away from running.


I joined the Oiselle team new to the world of professional running. In my relationships with Bob and Sarah, with Lauren, and Kristin and Sally, I am always learning. I've gone from leaning so much on mentors, to gaining the confidence to come to the table with my ideas and needs. That was at times a scary switch. But powerful.


I am grateful to my Oiselle run family, that they have given me the chance to grow through this process. I am thrilled that they remain a main part of the story as I move to California. And, I look forward to continuing to share that story with you all. Thank you for following. Let’s see what’s to come!


jacquelyn scofield