Kara Goucher

Kara will be the first to tell you one of the reasons she loves Fall...she loves layers! Especially as she gears up for the NYC Marathon on November 2nd, training and recovering in the right gear becomes key to keeping your legs flying fast. As we’ve begun collaborating with Kara on future styles, we asked her opinion on her favorite Oiselle layers of Fall 2014. Read on as she mixes and matches her favorite styles and layer up with her latest selection at Kara’s Favorite Fall Picks


This outfit is great for a warmup or workout on a cold day! None of the layers are too bulky, but they all peel off easily as you heat up. Throw off the New Flyer Jacket after your warmup. The Lux Funnel Neck and Scantron Tank are perfect together. They are both light and comfy yet together are warm. Also, the tank is the perfect length under a top layer to show off some color. Heating up before that last repeat? Take off the Funnel Neck and show off your Scantron Tank.


When you aren't sure what the weather is going to feel like, this is your go to. Says 45° but the sun is shining? This combo is perfect for that. Feels cold? Keep it all on. Sun warming you up? Pull off the short sleeve. What I love about Arm Warmers is the freedom for my arms to move. Perfect for warmth and mobility. Try the styles: Wazelle Short Sleeve, Cable Knit Arm Warmers, Chevrona Suspension Shimmel, Flow Tights.


Two of the most comfortable and flattering styles together: Cable Knit Arm Warmers and the Suspension Shimmel. Pair with any bottom - I like the Charcoal Joggings for colder days. Still sunny out when you head out for an afternoon run but the sun is starting to set? This is my favorite, great for changing seasons. Feels fresh and summery but covers enough skin that the fall chill won't get ya!


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