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It's almost Firecracker 5k race day! A big congrats to those who've been following Coach Heather's 8 week training block and are lining up for your first 5k. Whether you're racing your first or fastest 5k on July 4th we have some looks to guarantee your race day photos are on point. And of course that you're wearing the right layers (or lack thereof) for the forecast. 

Red White and Blue

If your July 4th style is as American as denim cutoffs and baseball, run free and brave in the colors of the grand old flag. You can go two directions, super classic in the first look I'm dubbing 'Grand Old Flag' or a little more modern as in the second look 'Young American'. 

American Runner Tank (coming VERY soon!)
Flyte Shorts Midnight
Fast Cap in Sky

Go Long Tank White
Stride Shorts Midnight Koolhaas
Fast Cap in FC Red


You have a packed Fourth of July schedule and need to go straight from the finish line to a BBQ. Get a finish-line-to-burger-in-hand PR with these crossover race day styles. 

Stripped Tank Eggshell
Verrazano Bra Eggshell
Go Joggings FC Red

In the Fold FC Red
Flyte Shorts Midnight
Verrazano Bra Eggshell


Baby, you're a firework! Add a spark to any starting line in bright Pop. No need to wait for the fireworks show to get the weekend starting off with a bang.

Keyhole Tank Eggshell Print
Mac Roga Pop
Runway Bra Charcola

If a heat wave is rolling through on race day, just go running bra only and wear a cap presoaked in cold water. And of course, show up the start hydrated. If bra only isn't your gig (it's not mine) the Go Time, Farrow and Mesh Up give you the cool breeze feel of the bra only feeling with the full coverage of a tank.

Can't wait to hear how your races go! Give us a shout on Facebook or Twitter

Go Fast. Take Chances. 


June 18, 2015 — sarah

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