Haute Volée, Jess Barnard, swept two gold medals at the Philippine Nationals this month! Both in the 800m and the 1500m. After her rockstar weekend, questions arose on how to get an Olympic qualifier for the Phillipines. "Not easy, but simple" as Jess puts it. Read on as she recaps her race weekend, and stay tuned for more information about what's next for Jess!

I am writing this blog on my flight to the Philippines. I had a 90 min layover in Seoul, Korea and I am currently en route to Manila. It’s about 4:00am U.S. PST right now, but 8:00pm here in the Southeast Asian skies. During my layover I ordered a small Americano. She gave me a large. I must have looked rough. I drank it all. 

So, I am basically here to clear some things up. The biggest and most exciting question I’ve been receiving all year is: “So how do you qualify to represent the Philippines in Rio?” We all know how it works for the U.S, but what about the Philippines? It’s actually really really simple. 


Here’s the breakdown:

  1. There are the world standards.
  2. I must hit this standard (3,000m SC is 9:45.00). 
  3. I go to Rio.  

Frequently asked questions: 

  1. When do you have to hit the standard by? July 11th! I’ve got some time to bake in the oven a bit longer (Fleshman analogy). I am patient, I have a great team and a plan in place. 
  2. You don’t have a trials? Since I am currently the only female distance runner on the national team… Nope!
  3. What do you think about Donald Trump? No, seriously.. everyone I talk to overseas wants to know if this is a joke or not. 

So there it is! Not easy, but simple. 


And because I made the bold statement that “I believe no blog is complete with out some vulgar language and a Harry Potter reference”… here you go: 

  1. Let’s f*&^%ing do this. 
  2. Harry to Voldemort: “Why don’t you have a nose?” Dumbledore: “Omg Harry, you can’t just go around asking people why they don’t have a nose.”


On a serious note…Thank you to my Oiselle family for all the love, support, and BELIEF in me. This journey is beautiful, insane, and amazing. I am soaking it all up and not taking one millisecond for granted. 


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