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When you want to start running, a slew of questions and concerns may creep into your psyche. "Where the heck are my shoes? Where is my Walkman? If I have a Walkman, does that mean I may be too old to start running? What is this gravity thing that keeps my rear on the couch? What the heck am I doing and why isn't running natural for me?" 

You are my people and I have help for you! Again, as a refresher, I coach people who either 1) hate running, 2) used to run and haven't done it since there was a thing called a Walkman 3) have never run before and feel a little nervous getting out there and wrangling this whole running thing by the cojones. 

I have been there, done that, and all of the in between. And since we are close, I'll let you in on a little secret. One reason I stay motivated to run is because I get paid to do it. That's my trick, it works, but I do love running. 

As long as I am spilling the beans and sharing secrets, I will let you in on the top 5 reasons why people hate running and how I help them.

1. Fight or Flight
This pesky little survival mechanism is still alive and well in your brain and when we take off running, your brain goes, "Holy crap, something is chasing me and might catch me and eat my brains!!!!!" Which may be correct, but let's hope not. Another reason your brain is a big ol’ liar. 

2. Being On Stage
You feel a little bit vulnerable when you are out there running all by yourself. You feel very self-conscious and maybe silly. This is so normal and lots of new runners feel this. The truth is that everyone is focused on their own hang-ups to notice you trotting out there. 

Unless you are wearing a clown costume, no one is looking at you. 


3. The Front Door
It is a magic shield that keeps you from all of your running hopes and dreams. It just stands there, like a…Door. It blocks you from endorphins, fresh air and getting a sweat on. But here is a little trick; there is a knob that you turn and the door opens right up like effing magic. 

Then you can just walk right out, and enjoy your run. Tell yourself that you're only going out for 5 minutes, and then see how that goes. Getting past the threshold is the hardest part. 

4. Starting New Things is Tough.
The beginning of running is a tough sell. Those endorphins are illusive, you're hungry all the time, you feel like everyone is looking at you, and you can't stop eating all the things… Seriously, are you going to eat that? You have only had 2 bites, and it’s still hot. Just one bite. C'MON!! 

It gets easier, I pinky promise! 

Just keep at it and be consistent and you'll start loving and craving it.

5. Find The Time
I know, it's a tough one. We are all so very busy, and it's very hard to make time for yourself. But please, do so. Put YOU on your schedule, find a friend and do it with them, run with your kids or furry pup, or do it before the house wakes up. If you can commit to it, you will love it and it will love you back, and you can run off into the sunset and live happily ever after. The End


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