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In running and in life, mantras — positive affirmations — are super helpful because they anchor you in the present and cut through any chaos and negativity in your mind. They help you to press pause on memories and projections, expectations and perceptions, so that you can more bravely go into what’s actually happening right here, right now. They help you find gratitude for the moment, no matter what it brings you, and to manage any challenge more easefully.

Try it: I am. Here now.

  • Inhale: I am…
  • Exhale: … here now…
  • Continue repeating the words to yourself, in your head, for 2–5 minutes

Breathe deeply and pay attention. Do this and you’re doing it right.

For a guided version, try this Race Day Meditation from The 26.2 Collection, a new Jasyoga video series designed to help you optimize your marathon training — and beyond.


March 01, 2017 — jbarnard

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