Dear Queen Shoes,

We need to talk. I can’t hang out with you anymore.

I mean, I love what you stand for: my husband’s generosity and your commitment to design. But I’ve changed. And I don’t think we’re a great fit anymore. In fact, I don’t think we ever fit very well. You thought you could shape me into your image, but it wasn’t the real me.

I love your jet black leather and your fierce kitten heel, but I just can’t. It’s over. We’ve awkwardly wobbled down our last road together. And I’m not carrying you around anymore - at dance parties and weddings - when I’ve lost all patience. I keep thinking it will be different next time, but it never is.

And I hate to say it, shoes, but I think you’ve lost touch. None of my friends want to date shoes like you either. It’s really difficult to say this, but I think we’ve just outgrown you. We’ve been to the mountain top. (No, literally, we’ve been to the mountain top). And you just wouldn’t cut it there.

I need something more. I hope you’ll understand.




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March 01, 2017 — jbarnard

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