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When we first announced that we were taking applications for our brand new Straight Scoop reviewer program, we knew that the response would be BIG. And, boy howdy, it WAS. Over 800 applications big!

In choosing our finalists, both as individuals and as a group, we looked to achieve the following:

  • a wide range of body shapes and sizes represented
  • athletes living in different geographic locations with varying climates
  • varying types and levels of athletic endeavors and distance
  • diversity and inclusivity
  • a group of rad people who like to let their personality shine

We knew we could never include every single type of runner in the final batch of just 17 reviewers, but gosh darn it, we were gonna try.

As the finalists were narrowed down, 3x5 cards were labeled with info, maps were drawn, star charts were consulted, prayers and offerings were made, sleep was lost…and we ended up with an awesome group of women/womxn. And while there’s no way to represent every runner in every part of the country, our hope is that you find a piece of your own running journey represented below.

We loved reading all these little biographies and getting to know these runners better, and we know you will, too. And for everyone who submitted an application, know that we GREATLY appreciate you and your willingness to put your bodies on the line for the company. Much love.

Ladies and Gentleladies, here are your Straight Scoop reviewers for Fall 18 and Spring 19 flystyle!

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Michaela Minneapolis, Minnesota

I'm a runner-turned-triathlete who lives in the Twin Cities, where summers can be hot and humid and winters are infamously cold, with temperatures well below zero. I like to run outside year-round, but I'll hop on the treadmill if conditions are really icy. I average around 20 miles a week, and my favorite race distance is the Half Ironman 70.3. I like wearing shorts and tanks in the summer, and in the winter you'll find me in fleece-lined tights, long sleeves, gloves, a vest or jacket, wool socks, and a balaclava. The cold is no joke!

When I'm not running (or biking or swimming), I'm usually covered in cats. I have four ginger rescue kitties -- Mari, Maček, Mouse, and Magnus -- and I love them like crazy. #catladylife forever!

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Courtney – Washington, D.C.

I live and work in Washington, D.C., which is hot and humid for about half the year. We get four seasons but summer seems to be the longest. We usually have at least one big snow and many super cold days during the winter. I run hot so in the summer that I'm always in shorts and a tank. I am a big fan of layering in the winter (see, I run hot). 

I run year round and when I'm marathon training, and average around 40 miles a week. 

Outside of running, I lead diversity and inclusion at a large law firm. I am a dog mom to a ridiculous cute mini doxie, a huge Alabama football fan, and slightly obsessed with bacon.

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Sharon – Bismarck, North Dakota

I am an all-seasons runner, as temperatures here in Bismarck range from below 0°F up into the 90s. I run or walk four or more miles daily, and enjoy doing both to keep up my fitness.  My favorite races have been the Disney Princess Half Marathon, and the Seattle Space Needle climb (Base2Space). I’m a former bodybuilding champ, so I still weight train. I also enjoy tennis (USTA 3.5), bicycling, and winter sports.

I love everything from skorts and bra tank tops to fleece leggings, as well as wool and down – I wear exercise clothes every day!  Also, pockets are a must!  I always carry my phone and love my Bluetooth headphones.  I love listening to audiobooks while working out.

I’m an optometrist, wife, mother, grandmother to two grandsons and a granddog.  When I have time to sit still, I love papercrafts, knitting and crocheting, and sewing.  I have sewn everything from down jackets and cycling jerseys to leotards, so I pay close attentions to details when I purchase workout gear.  

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Nicole – New York, New York

I am located in New York City and try my best to run outside year round; however, NYC can get extremely hot and humid during the summer and cold and snowy during the winter, so I am not ashamed to retreat to the treadmill.  I prefer to run in spandex shorts and a tank top (black or muted colors usually preferred).  When I'm not training or watching Great British Bake Off with my dog, I work full time as a Software Engineer.  

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Whitney J. – Portland, Oregon

I live on the hilly west side of Portland and run year-round, almost exclusively after dark. My training is aimed at a yearly marathon and multiple half-marathons, averaging about 15 miles per week. My attire consists of calf or full-length running tights with tank tops for summer and long sleeves in winter. Reflective details are a bonus and insulated layers for cold or wet weather are a must.

When I’m not at working at my job in music publishing or hitting the pavement, I am singing with my choir, giving tours of the city, or planning my next travel adventure. 

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Whitney K.  – Dhahran, Saudi Arabia (via Montpelier, Vermont)

I'm an international teacher living and running in the deserts of Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. It's always 95-115 degrees Fahrenheit with a mix of unforgiving Persian Gulf humidity and the unsheltered landscape. I share my weekly 18 miles of sunset runs with my husband, daughter, and a global running club, The Dhahran Road Runners Club (DRRC). 

I live in shorts and tees under my abaya but have grown accustomed to sun protection offered by capris and long sleeves. 

I am fortunate to work in one of the first ever Saudi family daycares here on the international compound. The rapport I have with families allows me insight into an extraordinary beauty here that would otherwise pass me by. I live for coffee and I'm drawn to textiles found in Middle Eastern souks. 

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Diana – Missoula, Montana

I live and run in Missoula with my almost famous dog, Cody. I’m out on the road, trail or track year round, although I’m addicted to watching full replays of races on the treadmill come January. I typically log 25-40 miles a week, so I’m always ready to sign up for the next half marathon. If it’s not too hot, I run in capris or tights with anything from a tank to a half-zip. I’ll put on shorts if I have to.

When I’m not running, I’m working as a copywriter and launching a blog with the tentative title Old Dames on the Run, for runners of a certain age and beyond.

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Lindsey – Bozeman, Montana

I get to live and run in the always beautiful Bozeman, Montana. This gives me the full gamut of running conditions which means I range from shorts and tank tops to tights, long sleeves, hats, and gloves. I’m a small business owner in the construction industry, always trying to drive more nails than I bend. I always love time spent with family (my nieces are the best), and looking forward to some solid skiing as the season gets underway. 

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Crescent – Nashville, Tennessee

I run, live, and play in Nashville, Tennessee. I am an all seasons runner; however, my favorite running seasons are spring and fall. I average about 25 miles a week, and my new favorite distance is the 10K. I typically run in shorts, tanks and crops. I am a proud member of the #sportsbrasquad during Tennessee’s hot and humid summers. 

When I’m not running, I enjoy reading, checking out new restaurants in town, and listening to live music. 

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Kolbe – Dallas, Texas

I’m a native Texan who has lived all around the state, but these days I’m running the streets of Dallas. Most of my 20-30 mile weeks are under sunshine and warm temperatures, but I do brave the Texas winters to run my favorite distance, the half marathon. You’ll find me in shorts and sports bras most often, except when winter hits. Bring on the tights, tanks, and arm sleeves!

My days are spent teaching eighth grade English language arts and reading, my evenings are filled with happy hours, book clubs, and continuing my Friday the 13th tattoo streak.

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Marie – Denver, Colorado

I run in Denver and in the mountains of Colorado. When I’m not training for a marathon I typically run around 15 miles per week either on paths near my house or trails in the foothills. I’d run in a tank top year round if my arms wouldn’t freeze off, and I switch up my shorts for leggings or capris when the temperature drops. 

In real life I’m a graphic designer/social media manager. My free time is spent backpacking, climbing, riding my bike to new breweries, reading, and knitting hats for my friends! 

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Bekah – Boston, Massachusetts

I'm a full-time reader (aka grad student) and part-time runner in Boston, Massachusetts, which means I run in all climates--sometimes all in the space of a single week! My fall running uniform is all about the layers: tights or capris, a tank top, a long-sleeve shirt, and something on the outside (and yes, usually all black!). I run around 20 miles a week and enjoy training for half marathons. When I'm not running or reading, I love to hike, practice yoga, and I'm always on the lookout for good recipes that use lots of CSA produce!

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Ellen – Chicago, Illinois

The Windy City is a flat place, but as a recreational runner my mileage goes up and down. Favorite distance to train for: The half-marathon. Love, love, love my layers which are essential when you run hot in the bitter cold—but if I could, I'd wear capris and a tank top all year round. When not running I'm reading, watching Oscar-bait movies, or goofing around on Twitter. 

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Nykia – Montclair, New Jersey

I run and reside in Montclair with my husband and daughter. I’m an all-seasons runner who averages around 20 miles per week and enjoy training for marathons. My favorite is Chicago. I love running in capris and long sleeves.

Running helps reduce the stress of working at an investment firm. I am a volunteer coach with Girls on the Run, I love hiking, and hope to learn how to swim by spring. 

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Ali – Anchorage, Alaska

I live in Anchorage, Alaska, home to an amazing trail system. I run and swim all year, and also ski in the winter and bike whenever there’s no snow. I’m a petite triathlete who runs around 15 miles a week and enjoys half marathons. Given the erratic weather here, I like to wear layers, including tank tops, long sleeves, tights or capris, and a water-resistant top layer. During the dark winter months, I prefer reflective outer clothing. I am also an attorney who loves to find new ways to cook salmon, explore new cities and villages, and visit my lovely local libraries.  

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Jaime – Flagstaff, Arizona

I live in Flagstaff, Arizona with my sister and dog. I’m an all-seasons trail runner, averaging 15 miles per week. I mostly train for 10k runs. I love running in shirts with sleeves, sports bras, and tights/capris.

I am Diné (Navajo), from the Tsénjikíní (Cliff-Dwelling People) and Lók’aa’Dine’é (Reed People) Clans. I pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science and a Master’s in Forestry to contribute back to my community. I currently work on air policy and climate change issues on Tribal lands. In my free time, I am an avid hiker, stand-up paddleboarder, and runner. 

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Lauren – Salt Lake City, Utah

I live in Salt Lake with my husband and my four-legged training partner (a 6-year-old lab/whippet mix). I love trail running in the mountains and deserts of Utah. It is such a magical place! I typically run 30+ miles a week and am currently digging trail half marathons.  I am a tank top, shorts, and hat kind of gal, but will resort to tights and jackets in the winter (no frostbite here!).

When not staring at linesheets and creating purchase orders, you’ll find me playing in the mountains on my mountain bike and participating in my newest love, cyclocross racing!

Look for the first batch of Straight Scoop reviews coming next month!

Heads up, new running gear on, wings out!



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