One of my most cherished parts of Oiselle life is fielding inbounds from all types of athletes who want to be affiliated with us. It is a great honor and a privilege to talk with these amazing people. I pinch myself on a daily basis. And I also have to deal with the reality that we have limited resources and sadly can't say yes to everyone. Even though we love #allthewomen! Once in awhile, someone writes in a story that sits on my heart. Read new Haute Volée Alisha Brown's intro letter to us. This will restore your faith in humanity.


Dear Oiselle Team,

As Coach Irv Ray and I humbly approach you in regards to joining the Oiselle family, I would like to share with you the history of my running career and life experiences.

My name is Alisha Brown and I am 24 years old. I have been running for as long as I can remember. As a high schooler, I clocked a 4:54 mile time and a 2:11 800m personal best. I continued on my inspired path by racing for the University of California, Riverside, where I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Studies.

It was during my 4th year at UCR that I truly realized my calling on the Track. For the first time I realized how many looked up to me and were inspired by my heart, my drive, my craving for success. I realized that what I was doing was making a difference. I began to race with the mindset of a conqueror.

After a few wins and running 2:05 in the 800m, my coach and I began to speak of my potential professional career as an elite runner. Unfortunately, but also fortunately, soon after my 4th year I found out I was pregnant with my beautiful son Phillipe Martin Jr. Upon first knowledge of this information, I felt devastated. I thought I ruined my track career; little did I know that my son was exactly what I needed to push myself beyond my limits. I continued to do recovery runs and aerobic exercise throughout my pregnancy; it was not long before I knew my track career was not over. In fact, I told myself this was just a new beginning.


I gave birth to my son on May 11, 2015. Exactly six weeks after delivering my miracle child, I began my journey back to the track. For the first 3 months I entertained recovery runs and flexibility. In August, I contacted Coach Ray and told him I was ready to train to run 2:03.00. My mind was set on the Olympic Trials. While my body hated me, my mind grew to depths I never knew were in me. I was finally stepping back into my calling.

I knew it would be a difficult ride, nonetheless, I also knew it would be worth it. For the first time I was training by myself; I knew what my goal was and I was going to stop at nothing. However, I was now a mother, with bills, and a substitute teaching job paying just above $1000 a month. I knew in order to get to where I was/am going, I had to invest in myself—my future. June 2016 quickly came around and I had only run 2:04. Out of the gracious blue, I received a phone call from All American 800m runner, Lea Wallace. We had not previously been acquainted, but I knew of her prestige. In this phone call she told me how she was so inspired by my story. She informed me of this last opportunity to qualify for the Olympic Trials at the Stumptown Twilight. I sadly declined, knowing that if I spent my last savings on a flight to Oregon and a hotel room, I would later regret my financial situation. She then offered to pay for my flight, so long as I made the trip and raced with every ounce of determination that was in me. I could not have been more blessed in this moment, as my eyes filled with tears of joy as I ran around the house screaming, “I’M GOING TO OREGON!”


It was in Oregon that I had the best race yet of my life. I stepped onto the track knowing although I was away from home—I was at home; I was in my realm. When the gun went off so did my heart and legs. I ran 2:03.23. I was beyond proud of myself for running 2:03.23, however, my body still managed to crumble to ground when I realized that I had missed the Olympic Trial automatic qualifier by just twenty-three hundredths of a second. Even so, I knew this mark was intentional for my greater plan.

This year I am even hungrier for success on and off the track. I want to inspire even more than I already have. I want to show the world, life is tough, but you can be tougher. I plan to run 2:00-2:01 for 800m, 4:15 for 1500m, and 9:17 for 3000m. With that, I intend on racing in the 2017 USA Track Championships, and potentially qualify for the 2017 World Championships. I have taken the limits off of myself, and I am ready for the next level. I could only hope that the Oiselle family would consider me a proper fit for the team. I have full confidence that my perseverance, positive outlook on life, and heart of servitude will honorably represent the Oiselle brand. Thank you in advance for taking the time to consider me.

Best Regards,

Alisha Brown

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