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Like most runners, you’re probably more interested in running than yoga. You might have heard that yoga can help you but before you roll out a mat, pause and think about how to use yoga to close the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. It’s not about going to a weekly class and crossing it off your training to do list.


It’s not just about doing yoga, it’s how you do it that matters.

Aim to practice in a way that directly supports your unique and ambitious goals — this will optimize all your hard work, rather than work against it, and ultimately help you to become more balanced and resilient in running and life.


Ease Imbalance.jpg

EASE IMBALANCE. Running creates imbalances and if left unaddressed they will sideline you eventually. Lessen the impact of your repetitive running motion by moving your body in through it’s other available ranges of motion and consciously correcting your body back toward center.

Try it: Side Balance Flow

Prevent Injuries.jpg

PREVENT INJURIES. Lets be real: injuries can be a nightmare. Become a pre-hab pro by giving extra love to your trouble spots (Angry IT band? Cranky calves?) and devoting some time to optimizing your stride to avoid misalignment injuries.

Try it: Align Your Stride

Get Strong.jpg

GET STRONG. Yoga is a badass cross-training partner. Use it to strengthen your core, glutes, hips, and other key areas so that you’ll be able to keep your form on point out on the road, especially when you’re tired.

Try it: Run Your Core

Recover RIght.jpg

RECOVER RIGHT. Recovery is just as important and equally as productive as the work that you do. Prioritize a quick Reset daily and your hard work will work way harder for you, not to mention help you to avoid burnout.

Try it: Quick Post-Run Reset

Stay Focused.jpg

STAY FOCUSED. Runners often tell me that running is their meditation — I get it. But just a few moments of being still and breathing deeply will help you to bring more ease into your workout as well as kick start your post-workout recovery.

Try it: Run Meditation

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