You know my friend, Brenda. 

I'm sure you do. You've met her at our Flagship Store, joined her for one of our Thursday Night Runs, been to Big Birdcamp, seen her on trail runs in the PNW, or at the Kara Goucher Podium Retreats (that's where we met in 2014!)


A one-woman force of nature, Brenda brings the women together like no other. Quick-witted, refreshingly opinionated, and prone to celebrations with world class baked goods, she invites the world in, and sets the tone: no matter your pace or background, you belong here. 

Brenda is also a #flystyle savant. One of her many strengths is that she can deftly, quickly, and often remotely, help our community with what-works and what-doesn’t-work guidance. She’s so good at it, that she has informally become a go-to for many customers, to assess everything from color to fit to fabric.

Overheard at Oiselle Store: Brenda to a customer, “No, that’s not the right color for you, I don’t think so…” as she pulls her own recommendations from the floor. 15 minutes later, style solutions all over the place. I mean, I’ll be honest, I wish I had Brenda every morning… wouldn’t a daily stylist be nice?

All this leads to an exciting announcement: Brenda is officially becoming Oiselle's first official #Flystylist, and soon you’ll be able to #AskBrenda your own questions via Oiselle social feeds, including Instagram and Twitter.



You can expect #AskBrenda to focus on new releases, #flystyle pairings, specific fit guidance, and of course — answering all the questions from near and far. Behind the scenes, know that these shenans will be brought to you by the two-woman duo of Brenda and Jess Barnard, who are already prepping for the first session.

When will this all begin? Nothing says show business like getting on the stage - stat! So without further ado, THIS WEEK please look for the first episode of #AskBrenda with the release of a very special kind of style that you may have thought we weren’t going to make this year… I can say no more! Other than: thank you Brenda, Jess, and all the women in our community, for continuing to tell us your hopes and dreams and opinions about what works for you, on the run — and everywhere you fly.



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May 29, 2019 — Sally Bergesen

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