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Buckle up for a Straight Scoop round up!

We’ve gathered up a big batch of Straight Scoop reviews of current styles from a bunch of our intrepid reviewers. Read on, and maybe you’ll find a new favorite.



Nicole: Midweek Straight Scoop flystyle!!! And it’s another non running piece!! I guess you can run in it if you want. But I’d rather pair it with cute shoes and skinny jeans for work. I love this. The cut is so flattering, especially the shoulders? I love the funnel neck. AND THE POCKETS. I need a place to hide my sweaty AF hands. Thanks Oiselle. 



Ellen: Make me one with nature...ish. Just not too cold. Or too damp. Or too windburned. For those April showers (or February, October, March...) the lightest possible waterproof jacket that plays well with layers (I have 2 underneath this here!) And the print... magnificent. 



Kolbe: Flyte bra and undies are smooth as butter and oh so comfy. Will be perfect to wear all summer long. And of course, I got pink.

Diana:  My cousin Julie asked me recently if the company I Straight Scoop for had underwear. Oiselle does—and I had a Flyte bra and underwear waiting to try. I wore them around the house and they were perfectly comfortable. But J said “I’m looking for something that stays put during yoga!” Well, if they stay put during running, they should stay put during yoga. So I tried the underwear for a 6-mile speed workout and a 20-mile long run and never thought about them at all. And that’s how underwear should be: So totally functional and comfortable that you never give them a thought. I have the Stone, but the Fast Pink and Black can expect to be in the rotation soon. 

Courtney: I have run in the bra numerous times (size large) and also done a couple [solidcore] classes while wearing it. Honestly I prefer wearing it under a tee shirt just on the go because it’s so comfy. That said, it can work for easy running (really easy - it’s not super compressive). The briefs are also height of comfort. I think these pieces are great for light workouts or (my favorite) just everyday wear. 



Crescent: Okay y’all I’m giving you the Straight Scoop on the Oiselle Bum Wrap and I wasn’t even asked for it...at least not on this item. Long story short I ABSOLUTELY LOVE it. I had the Roga Skirt previously, and though it was aesthetically pleasing the shorts rode up while I ran. The Bum Wrap instead settled into place and stayed. I’ll definitely be buying more of these. For reference I’m 5’11” with a 35.5” inseam. I’m a solid medium and the 8 fit awesome. 

Lindsey: Had the chance to test drive the Oiselle Bum Wrap for the Straight Scoop reviews. The fit is true to size, shorts underneath stayed put, and I love that it is a little higher waisted than the shorts. The skirt also has a beautiful cut and the back is just a touch longer than the front. Honestly I didn’t think about them at all on the run.

Michaela: I’m not normally a skirt gal, but the Oiselle Bum Wrap is super lightweight — no fidgeting or thinking about your clothes, all thoughts focused on breath and the sound of feet hitting pavement.



Nicole: flyout tank, wool edition. Long torso’d womxn rejoice! *Pros: the flyout/wool blend is so interesting— simultaneously really light but also cozy? Great for layering. *future wishes: I wish the neckline was higher and this came in solid black or a solid color in general.



Ali: Arrival Jacket in Cosmos: this jacket has a zipper pockets, high collar, and thumbholes—everything I want for an early spring run when it’s still a bit chilly. I LOVE this color.



Lauren: Because who doesn’t perform post run pushups in a parking garage
I am usually not a short sleeve lover when I run, but the way this ultra-light fabric moved with my body and the super soft satiny feel was (heart eyes, heart eyes)
PS: Summer Lux SS, you are the peanut to my butter 

Marie: Just a little drinking bird pose in the comfiest t-shirt I currently own. The Summer Lux short sleeve has become my new go to for every activity. It’s so soft, dries quickly and has two loops sewn inside and out for those days you need to do the awkward public bathroom change. (disclaimer: I do not know that this was the intended use for these loops, seems legit though).



Jaime: For the Straight Scoop, these Rogas are perfect for everything, especially with the rear zipper pocket. The fabric is roomy and waistband does not fail. I'll be running a storm this spring. I usually prefer the macs but I love this print so much. 



Bekah: I literally spent 36 hours in this thing when I got it: I wore it around my house & to yoga, slept in it, wore it to run two days in a row, then put it on again after showering  It’s super soft and I love the stripes, and the sleeves are long enough that you can keep your hands warm if you forgot gloves like me! Perfect layer for some sunny strides along the Charles River.



Michaela: Did a bike-run brick tonight in my Oiselle Strappy Bra. I love the color (it screams fast), cut (the straps are so fun), and coverage (no excessive cleavage on view here). Breathability is also, a plus since I get so sweaty on the trainer. I wanted a bit more support for my run, but on the bike this was great.




Sharon: I needed to get ready for the Oiselle Tenacious Ten, so inside run on the track. Had on my nice, airy Passport Tank-for me, one size up for broader shoulders. No rubbing anywhere, nice drape, neckline will make this a great multi-purpose top; work, travel, workout! Love it! 




Kolbe: Summer Lux is soft yet strong. Tough enough to hang on through any workout and delicate enough for treating yourself to a night out. Fits true to size. Will have you feeling like a DANGEROUS WOMAN. 

By no means are these ALL the Straight Scoop reviews out there from these testers! Search for the hashtag #StraightScoop on Twitter and Instagram to check out all the pics and reviews on flystyle from both Fall 2018 and Spring 2019 from our crack team of Straight Scoop review Straight Scoop reviewers

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