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Hey lovers, no pressure, absolutely none at all, but Valentine’s Day is around the corner and from my past experiences working in the Oiselle store, this is a time of year when even the most veteran couples need advice. So, if you have been aimlessly wandering around department stores picking up random items waiting for one to scream your sweetheart’s name, I have news for you… inanimate objects will never speak. But we sure will!

Here are some ideas about items we love, for the one you love. 

  • Running Lingerie, a win for you and a win for them. Lux Bralette, Lux Underwear, Rundies, Randies, and the Mojo Bra are ideal rundergarments.
  • Single Snuggler? We see you, and we like your style. A little self love never hurt anyone. All the Women Hoodie, a Cat Lady Scarf, or a Cat Lady Jacket because you do you best.
  • Flowers die but Fightin Floral is forever, Fightin' Floral Spandos that is.
  • In need of a small gift because you don’t believe in the Valentine’s hype? The Runner Trucker Hat, and the Manifesto Bandana, are the perfect casual “Hey I’m into you” statement gifts.
  • If you’re in love with someone who loves another… the other being track, this Run Love Racerback Tank is the obvious choice.
  • Another idea: just off the cuff here, serenade them with Light My Fire by The Doors, while slowly (and dramatically) revealing Blaze Roga Shorts. Get it, because obviously they light your fire and these Roga’s are also… fire.
  • Sweet treat for their sweet tooth? Fill a Runner Stuff Pouch with your lovers favorite chocolate treat. Not a sugar lover? A pouch filled with inspirational quotes or love notes would be just as sweet.
  • Has your love already made it to the “baby production” phase? We’ve got you: Wee Bird Flock Onesies.
  • So you say “well they’re picky” we answer “Black Aero Tights, Black Roga Shorts, or a classic Flyte Long Sleeve
  • Oh so they are really, really picky… a Gift Card with a special note and you’re in the clear my friend.


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February 06, 2018 — Allyson Ely

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