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My birthday suit: No not that kinda birthday suit. :) First off it's all about style. I don't feel ready to go for a run until my outfit is matching from head to toe. It all starts with the sports bra. This piece sets the tone for your outfit. My go to is the New Scantron Bra because of how well it fits around the rib cage and I love the 2 prong straps and extra stretchy material. On top on this I throw on the Wazelle Short Sleeve, the ultimate versatile piece. It can serve as a base layer on very chilly days while also riding solo on a warm spring day. I love pairing it with my Lux Arm Warmers for workouts during the winter. Arm warmers give me the freedom of feeling like my arms are loose and not committed to a long sleeve. Plus you just feel faster wearing these babies.

Now for some pants. For me it's the ridiculously comfy Moto Lesley Knickers. These half tights are stylish and feel like butter wrapped around your legs. They stay in place and move with you on the run. No ensemble is complete without the ultimate game changing piece. For me this is the Katron Vest. I mean hello style and comfort. The vest is so light weight while running yet keeps your core so warm on those 15 degree days. You can also layer like crazy and always have room to throw the Katron Vest over your outfit. This birthday suit makes me feel fast, fly, and ready to conquer the run. steph-signature.jpg

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January 13, 2015 — jacquelyn scofield

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