Christy Slye is Oiselle's VP of Sales. She leads our team of reps who are spread across the country bringing Oiselle into your local running stores. Christy lives in California, but meets up with Oiselle HQ quite often.

This week we'll all be recapping our most memorable moments of 2012. Read on to find out what was going on in the world of Christy.


fly. That’s what 2012 did. My new year’s resolution was to drink more water--that’s where it all began.

Early 2012 was filled with visiting Oiselle dealers and sporadic running...


chilly training run through Central Park after learning I was in 2012’s New York City Marathon


training (and celebrating) with my girlfriends at RePeet’s, our running coffee clutch

...leading to Napa Marathon weekend.

napa marathon expo.JPG

visiting the expo and lunch out with my training partners

with Tita at napa.JPG

meeting Oiselle’s San Francisco ambassador celebrating at the finish with elite team member Lori Stitch of Colorado

with Lori at napa.JPG

I was anxious for some dirt running, sunshine, gardening, and easy living after the spring marathon.

with Oscar.JPG

hitting the trails with my pal, Oscar


celebrating 20 years of marriage cruising Greece, Croatia, and Italy

Being at mid-year recalling my new year’s resolution and having been close to over-indulging on European delights, it was time to refocus mentally and physically. I chose detox 360, a Cleanse (it was all the rage, afterall). I drank more water for at least 28 days, kicked caffeine (at least temporarily), and purchased a Vitamix!


liquifying my vegetable garden during the cleanse

By now, the time between our sales seasons had passed and it was time to hit it! The first road trip led me to the Track & Field Olympic Trials in Eugene, OR. I’m a track fan and thought the meet was awesome! More than that, it was a moment in time that will always be remembered in Oiselle history.


track fans like me at the Olympic Trials


a moment in Oiselle history

With renewed fire, I was off to visit with our dealers in the southeast.


working the Peachtree Road Race expo with West Stride, Atlanta

So many of us were looking forward to the New York City Marathon: I was planning to celebrate birthdays of my girlfriends, Oiselle had a large ambassador contingent coming to the city to race and reunite, Oiselle was the apparel sponsor of the charity team Every Mother Counts, and I had actually had a good marathon training cycle. Sadly, Hurricane Sandy changed our goals for the weekend, but despite the devastation there were triumphs.


running with friends and ambassadors during the emotionally spirited Central Park “replacement” run


finally iceskating at Rockefeller Center--bucket list check mark!

A highlight of the year for me is The Running Event held annually in Austin, TX.  It’s a chance for me to celebrate with and award the achievements of our dedicated sales team and thank so many of our dealers for their business and support of our brand. For me, this is our extended family reunion, and we’re all a part of the current running revolution.


our new booth at The Running Event Expo


shenanigans at the annual Indie 5K at The Running Event

with Regina at TRE.jpg

getting to know sales team member, Regina

It’s really hard to tell if I drank more water in 2012, but I’ve already made my resolution for 2013, “I will run my first ultra-marathon.” I expect 2013 to soar.

ultra training.jpg

looking forward to many miles in 2013

December 22, 2012 — Atsuko Tamara

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