Heather Stephens


Have you ever wanted to race a 5k? Or lay down a blistering 5k PR? Coach Heather in the house! Or nest... as the case may be. Who's Heather? Well currently she's the voice of hello@oiselle.com, moving into working with Oiselle Team. But before she arrived at Oiselle she was the track & field and cross country assistant coach at Georgetown. During her time there the Hoya women placed fifth at the 2013 NCAA Cross Country Championships and achieved a multitude of accomplishments including setting a school record in the women's distance medley relay (10:55.63). And Heather herself was a standout student athlete at Syracuse University. What I'm saying is, you're in great hands!

Ready to get started? Heather will coach you for 8 weeks, ending on July 4th weekend (perfect for signing up for your local Firecracker 5K). Read on - run on!


Coach Heather here! Now that you’ve accepted this challenge, it’s time to commit to your goal and establish a routine. Starting something new and uncertain can be quite daunting, so instead of focusing on outcome: will I be able to run a full 5k? OR can I set a personal best? Take it one step at a time and focus on the process; you’ll be on your way to something great! Your first week is below. 




Each week you'll find a boost workout (noted with + sign) for fastest 5k. This is a workout for those who want to PR in the 5k. Those following the first 5k plan can certainly incorporate when ready, just make sure you do it fresh and have an easy day the next day.



The Dirty Dozen is a staple core routine for us at the nest. It’s a small investment of time with a big pay off, the perfect routine to keep your runner body strong and flying fast. While core and strength work, alone, will not guarantee a 5k PR, commitment to the little details will help you to improve your overall athleticism, prevent injuries and make you a more efficient runner. 

dirty dozen v2.jpg

Treat yo self. Recovery is just as important as the hard work. Yoga is great for recovery, injury prevention, and to reset for a new week of challenges ahead. Our go-to: Jasyoga Video for at-home or on the go. 

“Erase from your mind that your preparation must be perfect. Hard work + dedication = a shot at your dreams.” -- Kara Goucher

Each training plan will be up on Pinterest at First (or Fastest) 5K Training as the weeks go on. Week one is now pinned! Follow the conversation and tell us how your training is going with #first5k, and look for the new plan every Thursday (week 2 will be posted on 5/14!).


First Or Fastest Training Plans 
Week One
Week Two
Week Three 
Week Four
Week Five
Week Six
Week Seven 
Week Eight