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June 11, 2015

First or Fastest 5K | Week Six

Heather Stephens

Consider where you started five weeks ago and where you are today. You're doing it, great job!

You should be proud of all the hard work you've put in and excited about the weeks to come. When you started this training plan, you embraced your current fitness level and made a goal to train hard for eight weeks to run your first or fastest 5k. Running teaches you that you can handle the tough stuff, on the track and in life. You don't have to be perfect to have success, just committed and engaged to the task at hand. As we enter into week six, your toughest training week, remember how far you've come and all of the challenges you've already met. Just take it one step at a time; you're ready to fly!



This type of workout is great for concentrating on the task at hand. Stay in tune with the way your body feels running at a comfortably hard pace and keep your mind in a positive place. Relax in a state of stress!



Summer is upon us and the new Oiselle Swim Collection is in! It’s time to dive in with a new kind of workout. Pool running is a great cross training workout to mix into your training schedule. You’ll still reap the benefits of an easy run without the impact of hitting the pavement. Try this workout on an easy off day from running...the Rizzo Bikini is made for this!


WARM UP: 5 min easy pool jog
WORKOUT: // 2 min hard, 1 min easy \\ x 5
COOL DOWN: 5 min easy pool jog

*Try using an aqua jogger belt to support your back and maintain proper running posture.


To reduce your tired and tight quads, try this Jasyoga Quad Reset yoga session. This sequence will help reduce your post workout fatigue and loosen up your stiff muscles. 

"What joy is there in being cavalier about your life or your endeavors? You should take your life, your joy, your endeavors, seriously." - Mark Wetmore, Colorado University Coach (Kara Goucher's Coach). 


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