Have you ever wanted to go 'behind the scenes' at a glamorous Oiselle photoshoot? Well then, today is your lucky day! I'm going to take you behind the scenes to the thrilling, freezing, goosebump-covered, giggling madness of .... OISELLE FALL 2011 PHOTOSHOOT in DISCOVERY PARK.

First, meet Ariel:

She's the one in the hood wielding the giant camera. You may have guessed already, but Ariel is the Oiselle photographer. She is a 'designer with a camera'. She has a smile on her face even in 20 degree weather, is happy to work with both pro and faux models, and basically rocks our world with fabulous photos. Since I realize that hood might make you think Ariel is a little bear, here's what she looks like without the fur.

Now the Oiselle Fall 2011 Shoot:

For every season we take all the studio shots one day. Those are the shots you see on the product pages of the website. So, white background, hand on hip, posed action. Morgan has modeled for Oiselle for a few years. You literally can't take a bad picture of her. So beautiful!

Morgan and Sally

We wanted some lifestyle shots for Fall 2011 so the next morning we all met at Discovery Park in Seattle.The day was cold. No, we need a better word than cold... frigid. Intolerable, shiver until your muscles ache kind of cold. But that did not stop the show. Modeling for us we had Rose, Ashley and Andrija. Andrija and Ashley run for Oiselle and flew in from Idaho. Rose is a local (celebrity) runner who has modeled for Oiselle before.

(The models: Rose, Ashley, Andrija getting their stretch on)(The models: Rose, Ashley, Andrija getting their stretch on)

We had a tent with heating lamps, changing rooms and the entire shoot was catered by Macrina Bakery. Er, sorry daydreaming... we actually had to photoshop all the goosebumps out of the pictures. And wardrobe changes were behind jackets and trees. But we did have some fun!

Sally directs and can see any stray piece of grass on a model's clothing from 500 feet away. Photo perfection. She also tweets and facebooks live from the fields. (seen above) Also seen above is her sweet fur hat she bought before the shoot at a drugstore if I'm not mistaken. I was there for moral support, to hold coats when the models dashed out from under them, and to be a general looky-lou. 

Sally coming to fluff the model and remove a small piece of grass, presumably.

Here we are all cheering Andrija on after she left the warmth of her three coats. "Don't look cold!!", was the cheer of the day.

Andrija's three coat nest. Ashley looks on while warming her ears with a 'Lil Hottie' mitten warmer. glam-or-ous.

Even dogs needed sweaters that day.

I hope you enjoyed your look behind the scenes at Oiselle's Fall 2011 Photoshoot. If you'd like to see more pictures check out the Oiselle Flickr Page. To check out more of Ariel's photography go to her website,

And to shop the Oiselle Fall 2011 Collection click here!

Now for some outtakes:

Even Ariel can't save me from my lazy eye...

Posing and testing the mobility of the hoodie fabric. (It is now approved for yoga)

I'm so warm...really. SEE!!

The 'I got a new hoodie' dance.

August 30, 2011 — sarah

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