We are starting a Roga Revolution! Because it's time to get your booty out of those poofy shorts and into the Roga. The Roga running short is a hybrid Yoga-Running short. We've been perfecting the Roga since 2007. Once you try it on, you'll never go back to shorts of your past.

To prove this we've having a contest to giveaway some Roga shorts! Here are the two ways to win.

1. Show me or tell which shorts in your drawer you would donate (or trash) if you won a pair of Rogas or Long Rogas. You know the pair I'm talking about...lurking in your running wardrobe, with its saggy bum and weird waist band. Best story...aka worst shorts, wins your choice of Rogas!

2. If you already own the Roga or Long Roga tell me your Roga Revolution story! Send a picture for extra points! Best Roga Revolution story wins another pair of Rogas!

Here are a couple examples of Roga Revolution stories from our Facebook page.

Connie Meehan's reaction to her first pair of Rogas:
"My Roga running shorts have changed my life. Logging 25 miles this week! (that's a lot for me.) Two words - get them."

And Amy Katz:
"Tried out my new Roga shorts this morning and LOVE them! So cofy and I think the zippered pocket is great!"

***Post your response to the contest on Facebook, in the blog comments or on Twitter (#rogarevolution). If you have a photo, post it! Or if you'd rather send it via email, Two contest winners will be chosen on Tuesday September 6th.***

Check out the Roga Revolution photos on Facebook and Flickr. We'd love to add yours!