Evolution of The Flock

Aug 22, 2014



(Flock runners: Victoria Barana, Christina Bock Dicker, Kate Madaus, and Adrienne Claire)

As with any new project, Oiselle's first launch of The Flock exhibited some high points and "opportunities to improve." At Bird Camp, we were able to sit down with our Volée runners and hash out team strategy and Flock ideas. Awesome discussions! We appreciate the team passion so much. We have some exciting developments in the works, as well as more opportunities for group meet-ups, team interactions, and run-community building. But first: 

The next Flock opening will be later (likely mid-September) to incorporate suggestions and refine the process on our end. We will let you know a few days in advance when the Flock will be available on, to avoid that "but I was getting my teeth cleaned and missed out!" sadness. 

Most exciting: Kate Grace has stepped forward to be the Leader of The Flock!


Kate will be managing the vision and strategy of the Flock, as well as coordinating Flock communication and Flock social media. It is a wonderful day when someone raises her hand and says, "I want to be more involved!" (bonus when she's a sub-2 half-miler and Yale grad). Kate, we appreciate you so much and can't think of a better woman for the job. 

So stay tuned, and as always, we value your feedback and involvement. Head up, wings out. 




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