The Roga Fabric Story: Oiselle's Ultra Stretch Woven

Oiselle was founded with a singular quest: to create non-poofy running shorts.

And while it seemed like a clear need, there was nothing on the market for our running sisters who sought both style and performance. So we started by creating a silhouette that wasn't yet available to runners...a short that combined the styling of a flat and flattering yoga pant with the performance of a running short (thus the "Roga"). The response to the Roga was immediate - and today it is our number one selling short.

The Roga - In Three Fs (Fit, Fabric, Features)

Fit: A flat, flattering waistband that eliminates bulges - with an internal draw cord for just-right fit. The body of the short is neither loose nor tight; it drapes beautifully over the thighs, hips, and butt. Because the fabric has an extraordinary amount of stretch, its cut can be slightly more fitted, without sacrificing ease of movement.

Fabric: The waistband is a premium poly/spandex knit that, along with a flat, braided draw cord, provides stretch and a perfect fit. The body fabric, however, is the Roga's secret sauce. Falling easily over the thighs and rear, Oiselle Super Stretch Woven offers more mobility than any stretch woven on the market today. Its high spandex content means it moves when you move, but its woven construction ensures that moisture evaporates rapidly. And finally, the liner, which is a super-lightweight poly knit, provides comfort, storage, and a fit that disappears beneath the body fabric. 

Features: The Roga has both a handy internal pocket in the front as well as an external zip pocket in the rear. The Long Roga has three pockets, the same two as the Roga, plus an additional front zip pocket. The best part of all is that none of these pockets add bulk to the design - so whether you're carrying keys, energy gels, or a foam roller, it will all sit comfortably on your body.


To read more about the roga and see it in its paisley prime, check out spring 2011 blog: The Making of the Roga