We l.o.v.e Picky Bars and we want to share the love with you - this month (July) every order will include a delicious Picky Bar! 

All about Picky Bars:

As a runner it's important to have the right fuel. Diet can affect everything! I first learned about Picky Bars because I was enamoured with Lauren Fleshman. There I said it. But the more I found about the bar, the more impressed I was. She set out to create an energy bar with a 4:1 carb/protein ratio, with 25% of the calories coming from healthy fats (think: walnuts, seeds) that was gluten AND dairy free that tasted great. And holy moly did she succeed.

Lauren had help creating the bar. She teamed up with Stephanie Rothstein, when they were both dealing with injuries. Injuries that meant time off the track and time to kill. So they hit the kitchen and perfected the Picky Bar. The (better told) story of Picky Bars' creation can be found on the website.

If you aren't familiar with Lauren, get to know her at She is not just an amazing pro runner, but this multi-faceted ball of energy that you can't help but enjoy following. You can read her 'journal' or ask her a question about running. Her site is informative, inspirational ... I'll just cut to the chase: it's just our favorite blog!

If you're not familiar with Stephanie Rothstein she's a super fast marathoner, holy 2:29:43! Watch her in the coming years - she's getting her legs under her after finally figuring out that she has celiac disease. Gluten gone, fast runner back!

I was lucky enough to meet Stephanie and Lauren at Eugene. I was beyond excited. Running is such a cool sport, because you can actually just chill with rediculous athletes. Imagine trying to meet some top football player, not going to happen. (Check out that hand in the back of the photo, going after some sweet Picky goodness)

July 13, 2011 — sarah

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