When I first met Sally, I was a running skirt snob…maybe a throwback to my hippie upbringing but I couldn’t understand why anyone would run in a skirt. 

Extra fabric, why? Trying to look girly, why? 

I was 100% shorts all the time. But, leave it to Sally to change my mind. (I’ve learned to keep my mouth zipped shut when I initially don’t vibe with a new design, because without a doubt I’ll be wearing it enthusiastically within 4 weeks. There’s a reason I’m not on the design team!)


When Sally debuted the bum wrap, my internal voice said “meh.” And maybe my external voice too! (Not much of a filter on me). But then I tried it on, and what?!? I liked it! I wore it at our first Birdcamp in Bend, OR, and at NYFW…and I loved the way I felt in it. Sporty, but more dressed up than just shorts and easy to take from a run to whatever’s next. And for those of us with a booty—hello lifting!—it fits so nice. 


So try it out, and send me a pic on the socials so we can high-five the bums. 

[Can’t resist this one] Don’t let your bum be bummed! Wrap it!



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