So this is where it begins. The starting line, it's a beautiful thing.

How ever many months ago, you thought to yourself, "Yeah, this is going to be my marathon. This is the one I'm training for."  Whether you're chasing a BQ, taking your very first stab at the 26.2, notching your tenth marathon, or busting the rust, half the battle is already done. You're here. On the starting line. Because you chose to be. Because you want to be. And you're ready. I promise.

Don't over think it. This isn't different than any other training day. Think of how many times you've done this before. You woke up, ate your breakfast, drank your coffee, and walked out the door to crush a workout. It wasn't always perfect, but nothing ever is. Those tough workouts prepared you, and you're ready for anything.

Confidence will take care of the part of battle you have yet to run. Be confident with where you are in the race, because there is nothing more powerful than a confident woman.

Remember to smile, have fun, soak in the hurt, stand with a purpose, and strike a MF-ing power pose!

Let's run. 



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November 10, 2017 — Allyson Ely

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