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“I got 99 problems but being cold isn’t one.” – An actual verse sung by our very own Hauté Volée Lyndy Davis. Okay maybe not, but we are always asking our pros for product feedback because they really know how to put the items to the test. Lyndy came back to us with some of the best cold weather item reviews.

So naturally we had to turn them into a blog. Que next song… “if you got a problem, yo I’ll solve it...”

Meet the problem solvers:


VIM JACKET: "I could run in this jacket every autumn day."

Looking For: I need an extra layer to shield me from the wind & rain. I don't usually wear jackets in speed workouts, but I need a jacket for my warm up/cool down and mileage days. Reflective is a plus so I don't have to carry lights or bulky gear. 

Solution: Vim jacket is the perfect light material. Not a sweat bag! I like the minimal pockets and hood if you need it. Perfect blue - LOVE! I also like how the wristband it a little tighter, so it doesn't catch the wind and swish around. Details like this show it is truly designed for running. The vertical Oiselle branding on the side is great! I like to show off Oiselle loud and proud!



Looking for: Thin fabric that blocks wind. I don't like bulky running clothes because they get in my way. I need reflective on my darker fabrics because I run before and after work, and it usually gets dark on the roads. 

Solution: I love the light weight fabric, wind-block, and subtle Oiselle logo on the back. This is the perfect piece to connect seasons from summer to fall, or winter to spring. It also comes with a pocket feature (also on Vim), so you can take the vest off and run with it strapped to you hand (you won't notice it is there because it is SO light). 


NEW ROGA CAP: "Go-to everyday hat."

Looking For: Breathable, but protects my head from the rain. I need a hat that fits snug so I don't have to adjust as I start to sweat or the wind tries to blow it off.  I also like the inside to have a sweat band or sweat absorbing fabric. 

Solution: Custom fit to head, better coverage/fit than last season's Roga Cap. It covers my forehead a little more, so it does not sip off as easily when windy. "Put a bird on it" and I'll love it! Could have more sweat absorbing fabric on inside near forehead. 


COACH'S JACKET: "A pocket for every need."

Looking For: A top layer to shield from the cold while I cheer on other racers! After I finish my race, I need something to wear while I #superfan other runners. I don't like to carry a backpack because I want to be able to run around while I cheer at meets. I need a jacket that can carry several items. 

Solution: You don't need a purse or bag if you are wearing the Coach's Jacket! It's the perfect top layer to keep you warm, plus you don't have to take off your gloves to fumble through your bag -- the pockets hold everything! There are large zipper and non zipper pockets and the material is perfect so you don't look bulky. I can carry my keys, chapstick, snacks, a hat, course map, notepad just to name a few. Added handy features include: large hood, stretchy material, rain and wind resistant, reflective strips, longer torso, overall classy design for a coach or super-fan!  

PS: I think the quill vest pairs really well under this jacket! Double punch the harsh elements. 


​FLYOUT JACKET: "A BIRD is stitched across the front of the Flyout Jacket - need I say more?"

Looking For: A thicker top layer for chilly non-rainy days. Looking for a fabric that will block the windy and feels sturdier than a long sleeve shirt. When my body temperature drops after a run, I frequently need another layer and old cotton sweatshirts just don't do the trick. 

Solution: The Flyout Jacket is great to run in because it isn't too tight or too thick. It keeps me warm on my run and after; I can go for a windy run in and then stand around stretching, talking, zoning out, without having to get in my car immediately to blast the heat. This jacket works best zipped all the way up because of the front insulation (and it also shows the bird design). The collar stands up nicely and the pockets aren’t boxy. Another detail I love are the thumb holes -they keep the tops of my hands warm while running!

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Allyson Ely