Lauren Fleshman, one of Oiselle’s earliest professional athletes–mother–partner–author–trailblazer. Her steadfast ability to speak out about the change needed in sports in order to make them more accessible, safe, and enjoyable for girls and women, always leaves us inspired. Inspired to listen to the experiences of athletes and ultimately inspired to drive change. Because no matter the sport, no matter what role you play - parent, teacher, coach, friend…we can all make a difference and leave the sport and people better than we found them.

Where Lauren leads, we jump in, follow, and invite you all to join. Here’s a glimpse into Lauren’s daily life and the multi-faceted collection it inspired.


Morning at Home

"Getting two kids from roused to out the door on a strict timeline can be a recipe for frustration. As much as I hate to admit it, my mornings as a parent tend to go as well as my attitude. This tee has a saying that helps keep me grounded: “Forward is a Pace”, which applies to running of course, but also anything in life where it can be helpful to think less about doing things “just right” (whatever that means) and tap into an appreciation for moving forward at all. Doing that in the morning makes it easier for me to enjoy the small moments with my kids, the sunshine, my coffee, the seventeen minutes it takes one kid to select and put on socks, during what is otherwise a chaotic time. My Feeling Bookish pants work in many environments, but in the morning they are a little cue to myself of the work I’ll do when I get the space to myself again."


Neighborhood Run

"Heading out my door for a quick, urban 3 miler through the neighborhood was a great way to get back into my body and mind. The basic bird shorts are part of the essential collection at Oiselle that does exactly what a typical day requires with comfort. Every item on my body feels like an extension of my skin, soft fabrics, lightweight, minimal gear between me and movement. The runner trucker drawstring sizes the hat so quickly that it’s no problem my five year old wore it yesterday. A quick pull on the string and it’s perfect for my above average dome, serving as face protection and hair management now that I can’t wear a ponytail. I love being on the streets during the quiet hour, very few cars. Just me and the sun and the birds and a few people."


Rest + Read

Lauren is wearing: Duo Bra + Basic Bird Shorts

"I microwave my coffee remains from the morning and tuck into a chapter of a book while my oatmeal cooks. My duo bra dries quickly and I’m in no rush to change. Reading others work is a big part of being a writer. Especially when it comes to memoir, seeing others be brave with their story, in this case Nicole Antoinette in “How to Be Alone,” makes it easier to be brave yourself. It helps me lean into the little quirky shadowy things that make us human."


Time for an Ice Bath

Lauren is wearing: Duo Bra + Basic Bird Shorts

"I don’t use ice baths as often as I did in my competitive days, but I can’t deny their power to wake me up, sharpen my mind and improve my mood. I'm training for a local multi-sport relay race, the Pole Pedal Paddle, and the mixture of spring nordic ski training and running training leaves me needing a little extra recovery support. Different methods of recovery go in and out of style, but the ice bath remains in my toolkit for its unique mix of physical and mental effects."


A Writing Session

"It’s warm inside post ice-bath, but my legs benefit from coverage while they thaw. Lux warmups are the softest pants you can find, and these feel like home as I work from my table on my writing prompts. This new bra is part of my signature line, something sporty that will work with square neck tops and other non-athletic tops. It’s great for when I want a sporty feel under my outfits for the day, formal or casual. I’m a small-chested person and while sometimes I enjoy the shape of a cup bra, more often these days I’m happier with this look and feel."


It's Snack Time

"I take breaks every 15-45 minutes when I’m doing writing prompts, and I limit the breaks to 5 minutes. A little snack, top up my water, bathroom break, a stretch…just something to keep from being stuck in a chair too long. When I’m working on a long form piece I tend to sit and stay for hours, and I’m ok with that flow, but it’s not sustainable for my body all day every day. It leads to IT band issues and tight hips and ankles."


Happy Hour with Mel

Lauren is wearing: Lauren Square Neck Tank // Mel is wearing: LF Cropped Muscle Tank

"This new Square Neck Tank dresses up my jeans for a few zoom calls and in-person meetings, and transitions smoothly into social time with Mel at the end of the work day. I like the way it fits snug on top but is relaxed on the bottom half with a peak-a-boo back. It has a zipper on the side as well as stretch, which gives it a structured shape with a little formality while maintaining athleticism and movement. Such a cool design!"


Thank you, Lauren, for giving us a window into your daily life. As always, it’s an honor to capture all that makes you, you - author, mother, runner, athlete advisor, and friend. We are happy to share your collection with the world. A collection that moves with women and for women, through their many roles and towards their many goals.


Photo credit - Mighty Creature Co // @mightycreatureco


Hannah Calvert
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