Oh hi,

Remember when you decided to finally answer some of those “what if” questions you had allowed to linger in that corner of your heart?

Gosh, I’m glad you did that. In doing so, you have given yourself this moment. And this moment is all you ever wanted. All you could have asked for, really. The opportunity to rise and grind to the finish and share what you’re truly capable of. To show up, dig deep, and make the day.

I know you’ve waited an entire year for this. Another trip around the sun, staying humble and hungry. Not lingering over those 11 seconds that kept you from reaching your goal last time, but using them as an opportunity to learn and grow and add some more tools to the tool box.

I am so damn proud of you.

Proud of your commitment and dedication to training and recovery and all the moments in between that are required.
Proud of how you advocated and believed in your self worth and belonging as an athlete in this sport.
Proud of how you found a team and community that gives you so much more than you could have ever imagined.
Proud of how you showed up, day after day, month after month to put in the work.

As you anxiously await for the gun to go off, lift your head to the sky. Even though there is chatter and movement all around you in these final seconds, just close your eyes. Think about all the support you’ve received from teammates and loved ones and mentors throughout this build up. Let their love wash over you, so that you may run with gratitude every step of the way. You are so ready for this. You are already enough.

Relax at the start.
Respect the middle miles.
Race to the finish.

One more thing:
I know there is one last “what if” hiding in that corner of your heart. And that’s why you’re here, right?
“What if I fucking crush it?”

Well, it’s time to go fast and take chances. Head up, wings out.

Hannah Calvert
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