It’s a beautiful time of year in Bend, OR! (Well, what time of year isn’t beautiful? But fall is especially delicious). In September, Littlewing Coach Lauren Fleshman introduced us to two new Littlewing athletes, Madeline Strandemo and Rebecca Mehra. Now that they’ve all been back training for about a month, let’s check in on what the group is up to! 

What is your favorite LW exercise or workout so far? 

Rebecca: I love all of the partner "pillar" exercises we do in the weight room. Maddie and I have improved leaps and bounds doing everything from partner squats to hip switches, and now it's so much fun. I think we laugh hysterically nearly every time we do them.
Collier: Handstands. It's a really good exercise for core control and trunk stability... check back for when I actually do one without flipping directly onto my back and knocking the wind out of myself.
Madeline: Partner gymnastics!
Mel: This is a hard one. It's not really my favorite, but we do circuits in the fall, and they are really hard. I tend to feel unathletic and really huffy and puffy during these, but I can tell they are so good for me. I can feel myself getting stronger each week. We also do some partner gymnastic style stuff in our gym work. I like those. Those are fun. 


Animal alter-ego nominations (what fits best?):

Mel: hummingbird, house cat that thinks she's a tiger
Rebecca: meerkat, african grey parrot, cardinal
Collier: wise elephant, mountain goat, lion fish, owl, raven
Madeline: black panther, arctic fox, gazelle, bat 
Carrie Mack: golden retriever, yellow lab, black bear, penguin
Fleshman: owl, lion, ostrich (known as the queen of birds)


Describe the Littlewing vibe in one sentence: 

  • Littlewing is an awesome, empowered group of women who are trail-inspired, picky-oat eating lovers of kicking some ass on the track.
  • If it's not fun, we are not doing it. *Except for repeat 1ks at First Street. 
  • If it's not fun we're not doing it. *we'll make anything fun.
  • If it's not fun, we're not doing it.


Bend in the fall: describe your favorite day. 

Rebecca: I especially love crisp, fall mornings at Shevlin Park. A few weeks ago the trees were in full fall bloom, and with the sound of the Deschutes in the background, running with my LittleWingers felt like running through Disney's enchanted forest. I also love that because the sun shines so bright in Bend, 40 degrees here is still shorts weather. The Californian in me still hasn't gotten used to the idea of running in tights!
Collier: Crisp, clear morning run in the mountains (ideally Tumalo Falls at peak fall foliage... tight window there), brunch at Sparrow Bakery, afternoon nap, spectating a classic Bend sporting event (ie. Single Speed Mountain Bike Worlds, Cyclocross, The Blitz... mostly lots of biking things). 
Mel: Bend has had an incredible fall this year. If you picture the perfect fall day (leaves changing, the smell of fall (it's a thing), crisp mornings, 50's in the afternoon and always sunny...that's what Bend has been like lately. It's wonderful, and it's my favorite. 
Maddie: Run then brunch at Jackson’s Corner. Any day that starts with that combo is bound to be great!

We can’t wait to see what this year has in store for all of you! Next on deck are some Thanksgiving turkey trots, and then Littlewing at Club Cross Championships in Spokane! 



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