In sport, we talk a lot about the emotion of readiness. The powersuit, the race day kit, the favorite shorts. There are few things that help you get over the hump of readiness more than the right accessories. It's the gloves that prevent icy fingers. It's the gaiter that protects your neck. It's knowing you can get through the miles as comfortably as possible.

The run is everything, but this season, we're also giving a big 'hell yeah!' to the joy of feeling cozy. That happy moment when you get to pull off sweaty spandex and pull on the comfort of warm, dry fabrics that support and hug.

This season is a celebration of both sport performance and soft style. Per usual, it starts with the best, most beautiful fabrics! Lux, cashmere, wool, PowerStretch, reflective, insulation...this season is our biggest and brightest collection of accessories ever, with something for everyone. Because this is how we winter. We keep going. We stay outside! #outerwomen




Never overlook the neck! And if your head's attached, it's not possible.

The Lux Runfinity Scarf is a winter classic. Worn long in the front or in two easy circles of fabric love, it's an instant warmth maker. The "start/finish" graphic can be popped out, to display your love of the run, or folded under.


BACK this year, is our loose, lovely, languorous Cashmere Scarf, knit in a single tube that requires no fussing; it just sits where you want it - in a beautiful new heather black and a bright, festive red/orange color.

NEW to the team is our Wazzie Wool Jacquard Mobius Scarf, also a single loop, but with a twist so it's always perfectly situated, but also adjustable. The Girl Code design, created by illustrator Caitlin Foster, kicks it up a notch.



The gaiter is a quite simply a scarf for running. And like many winter running clothes, its first job is to get you out of the warm house or car. Once running, it provides protection from cold air as long as you need it. Warmed up? Pop it in a pocket or waistband. Or push it up onto the head, to protect ears or control hair. 

And we have gaiters in ALL THE WEIGHTS. Lux, for when you need that mid-weight warmth. Wazzie Wool, which never fails when the temps drop. Or Flyte, if you live in warmer climates. Each style offers beautiful color too, which for us, can be as motivating as the way it feels.



The Runner Trucker is Oiselle's exclusive performance trucker hat, specifically designed for women of all head sizes (which mean the fellas can wear it too!) In just a few years, it's become an iconic style. With its soft but structured front, foldable bill, one tug elastic closure, soft mesh, and a nod to trucker hat style - it's the running hat that doesn't look like a typical running hat. Each season, we come out with new prints/colors, with many people (okay, me) collecting them all.

NEW this fall, is our Crest Baseball Cap, ready for the post-run in a comfortable washed twill, and our new crest artwork at center front. The easy-adjust back makes it comfortable for any head size or hair situation.



Back to the emotion of cozy. Nothing like a beanie to make you feel ready for the fall. This season is a hit parade of our favorites! From the flock on the Striped Pom Beanie with the classic flock of birds, to our Rudolph Beanie (bringing the festive red pom) to Cashmere (yum) in gorgeous new colors - there are some of our best picks here. This season, we're celebrating the details, with our woven crest making its way throughout.



We lose most of our heat out of our heads. So it's important to protect your head during cold runs. Quite frankly, there's no better fabric to do that than our Classic Lux. It's a mid-weight wonder fabric that insulates for warmth, but is also highly breathable. Of course, its insane softness never hurts. Lux on your head and ears and face...yes please.



Earbands are often the ideal solution for any cold run because they keep ears warm, while still allowing heat (or big hair, or ponytails, or what have you) to escape out the top. Our Power On Earband, made from Polartec PowerStretch is ideal for super frigid conditions, with the bonus of reflective detailing for safety. The Lux Earband is pure simplicity and comfort, ready for anything from the run to anytime hair/sweat control.



Your hands need you. They need you to think about them. As your furthest extremity most likely to be uncomfortably cold, it's important to protect them from the elements. Of course, with running, we often don't need much. Or we need them to be light enough to tuck into a waistband or pocket. Lux Gloves are designed for runners. Not only are they light, they have touchscreen fabric at the thumb and fingertip so you can use your smartphone if/when you need to.

Power On Gloves turn things up a notch, with a thicker, loftier stretch fleece. A no-slip silicone print makes it easier to grab waterbottles or other items. The palm also uses touchscreen fabric, so you can use your phone without fumbling to take your gloves off.

Power On Mittens are loved by those who prefer mittens, and believe their fingers stay warmer when they're not separated.

And hello Super Puff Mittens! These are super popular with our runners in cold, cold climates - who need an extra layer of insulation around their hands, to fend off wind chill or icy temps.



Tall Bird Socks are a favorite year round. Length, compression, comfort, the classic flock of birds. They have it all.

NEW. We're thrilled to now be offering Stance Socks! Stance is a favorite in our running community, and we're now carrying some fun, brightly colored, hardworking designs that will truly go the distance, with great cushioning, arch support, and fun style.



Sometimes you need sleeves that can come off when you warm up. Sometimes you need a "gloves off!" moment in a race when you need to tell your brain that it's time to throw down. Sometimes you need an accessory that will light up at night so you can stay safe and seen. For all of these reasons, arm warmers are a runner staple. This season, we're happy to bring you the Firecracker Armwarmers which light up, brilliantly, when running in the dark.



So, yeah. We like warm and cozy, so we have a new mid-weight fleece. But we decided to bird it up with a fun, bright bird print called Cozy Bird. The hat, gaiter, and mittens (not to mention hoodie) are just what the dark days of winter call for.

NEW to the Department of Weird + Wonderful: Ankle Biters. Inspired by an idea from our friend Dr. Amy, in Duluth, these are ankle warmers, made of double high Cat Lady Fleece, that are intended to cover the gap between the bottom of your tights and the top of your socks in frigid temps. Or, yeah, just rock them with your favorite loungewear for that Jennifer Beals Flashdance look.

With the right tools for the job, it's time. Now go forth and win winter! 



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November 13, 2018 — Allyson Ely

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