Haute Volée, Britney Henry will let the hammer fly at the Oregon Twilight meet tonight, her 9th time competing at this meet! She has high hopes on throwing the hammer over 70 meters. Let's get ready to #fangirl.


Every athlete has their one favorite meet. The meet that they know big things can happen. For me, the Oregon Twilight is my meet. The Twilight usually falls right when my body is getting its fires back that I took away during winter training. I want to say that this will be my 9th time throwing at the Twilight. Wow, I can’t believe I just typed ‘ th', so many good memories wrapped up in those 9 years.  

My goal for this meet is to improve upon my season opening throw (228 feet). I'm shooting for over 70 meters and as always to have fun. It is not to hard to have fun at the Twilight. From the rowdy fans, to catching up with old teammates, to the festivities that follow, the Twilight's middle name is fun. 

I have traveled up to Oregon a week in advance to get some good training in with my coach before the meet. Thus far, the training is going great. My mind is at ease each practice and I am feeling relaxed in the ring. At this point in the season “the hay is in the barn”- as my coach likes to say. Basically, I have done all the technical work that I need to throw far, now it's just about believing and relaxing in the ring.

My expectations are always high, I know that staying relaxing in the ring and letting the hammer do at least half the work, my hammer will fly….FAR! :) It also helps to have a few #sisterheroes in the stands cheering me on and running on the track. Each time that I watch one of the Oiselle ladies fight through the finish line, I think to myself “that is what you need to look like on the inside-fighting.” 

xxoo, Brit

jacquelyn scofield