When Oiselle started the Bras for Girls donation program in 2017, we could feel in our bones that it was a good idea. We knew that some girls stopped exercising in their tween years because of discomfort with their changing bodies and that a sports bra + education could make a huge difference. But like any new idea, there were so many unknowns. Would there be demand for bras? Could we reach girls in need?

Now 3 years later, we are so happy to report the Bras for Girls donation program is thriving and making a positive impact. We have donated more than 9,000 sports bras to more than 125 different schools, teams, and clubs. Even though 2020 has challenged us all in so many ways, girls still need sports bras. We recently partnered with the Girls Athletic Leadership Schools in Los Angeles, Denver, and Las Vegas to distribute more than 500 bras to their students. We love their messages of thanks!

If you would like to nominate a recipient program in your community, please do so here. And thank you for your support of our vision: a sports bra for every girl!

Sarah Lesko
Tagged: social team