oiselle_washington_DC.jpgRunning on The Mall... a favorite!

We love Washington, DC. And the many women who have become friends and teammates in this incredible city; the heartbeat of our country. Like all good relationships, it’s been building over time… to new levels of trust and connection. Maybe it started with our Born + Raced in DC tee way back in 2011. Or the run-friends we came to know through that city’s renowned races: Cherry Blossom, Marine Corps, and more. Or maybe it was the rushing toward each other we did following the 2016 election. We marched on Washington. We explored museums. We stayed sane - together.

sarah_lesko_womens_march.jpgWe always march for women.

Through this journey we’ve been on, an improbable love story between Seattle and DC, we also struck up a friendship with Kim Wattrick, the sport savvy founder of Summit to Soul, a women's-focused retailer in DC's Barracks Row neighborhood. During the Women’s March weekend of 2017, we gathered - in solidarity and support - and set out on a cathartic run all through the National Mall. We ran, we talked, we healed.

oiselle_volee_dmv.pngThe Volée...flying strong in DC!

And so too has the Volée grown strong here. The #OiselleDMV group has been running, racing, celebrating, cow-belling, supporting - themselves and each other - in ways that inspire so many! To do a DC-area run and experience a cowbell corner, or crazy cheering Volée sign holders, is to know what this group is all about. 

summit_to_soul.jpgVolée Leaders Caitlin (L) and Courtney (R) with Summit to Soul Founder, Kim 

So I can’t think of a better way to spread our wings, retail-wise, than to partner with Kim and her team at Summit to Soul. This is a must-visit store for anyone in the area; just a short walk from the Capitol! And the coolest part about it is our shared passion for building community and offering ways for women athletes to connect with each other far beyond product. From her weekly run club to special events, and community leadership, Summit to Soul is a hub in the best possible way. And as a retailer focused primarily on apparel, it was a natural fit.

What you’ll find at Summit to Soul: a Oiselle store-in-store concept that includes many pieces in our extended collection, including premium outerwear, base layers and bottoms, capsule collections, accessories, and more. You’ll also find the dozens of other brands that the store has always carried. We believe, as always, that women retailers, brand leaders, and teammates have the opportunity to lift as we rise. To reach out, form connections, and fly together.


Live in the DC area - and want to visit the store-in-store? Please stop by Summit to Soul during launch weekend, March 9-10th, or anytime thereafter!




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