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Being athletes, we’re the first to know that practice makes perfect, but this RUNway wasn’t looking for perfection. We wanted to have spunk, be playful and edgy and a little risk-ay. There's no possible way to describe how much fun was had in our pre-runway experience. But of course, the daring girl that I am is going to attempt it! It’s time to go insider edition on ya’ll: how the models ROCKED THE RUNWAY.

The RUN-through

On Friday at 10 a.m., we met at the Downtown Athletic Club to try on our outfits, practice our walk, and make sure the runway was going to be poppin’. Like true runners, we grabbed coffee, ate bagels and chatted up a storm before practice began.

Walking into that room was the hint I needed to know the day finally arrived. The lighting, videographer, runway stage, curtains, our outfits, Saucony shoes, and accessories. It gave me goose bumps and a grin up to my ponytail. Finally, the day had come.




Picture bringing together 20 crazy-fun runners, turned newbie models, in the hippie dippy town of Eugene, to strut their stuff in fab athletic apparel.  It. Was. Awesome. You can only imagine how hysterically giddy we all were. A few experienced models showed us how to walk the walk, Sally guided us with timing and choreography, and two full run-throughs later we had our definition of "perfect" ready to roll.  

Hair & Makeup 

After catching our rock-star Oiselle athletes, Kate Grace and Jamie Cheever compete at Day 6 of the trials, we raced over to make our 5:30 p.m. appointment for hair and makeup. A fabulous crew at Studio Mantra in downtown Eugene spiced up our looks. The goal was to look athletic and natural. The “I just got done with a workout and magically didn’t break a sweat” kind of look. Happens all the time, you know what I’m talking about.

Yummy munchies we’re set up when we arrived and they had five women to do our hair and make-up. Here are a few of them working their magic. Big shout out to Studio Mantra!



With our hair done and makeup fresh and glowing, we made our way to the Downtown Athletic Club. Were we nervous? Sure, but just like any racer will tell you, the nerves, anticipation and excitement doesn’t truly set until the live event happens. That’s what got our blood pumping.

People began arriving around 8 p.m. I can’t exactly tell you what was happening from then until the fashion show because the photo booth took up most of my hour! What’s a college girl to do when there's costumes and a free photo booth at such a fab party? About 20 photo shoots later (literally, there's proof), we all made our way back stage.

Our outfits were laid out nice and neat with shoes and accessories. The hair and makeup crew from Studio Mantra was backstage helping beautify us once again and the energy from all of us was exuberant. We were ready… and here’s how it all played out (EEEK!!)

I could not have imagined a more prostyle, over the top entertaining show. Months ago when Sally asked me to model her Spring ’13 line, I would have never imagined a party so outstandingly seamless. Being there every step of the way was a party in itself. I haven’t laughed that hard with so many incredible women in a long time and I have each one of them to thank for that. Now that we are all MC Hammer stockers we can relate on a whole new level!


Last but not least is my fave part of the show, Sally’s M. C. Hammer intro heard round the world: “This is somebody in the entertainment industry that cannot be touched” ..Sal and the man himself!

July 13, 2012 — sarah

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