We kicked off our series "... Or Just Train Like One" with Kara Goucher. If you get the Barbizon reference ("Be a Model or Just Look Like One") you get triple life points for watching too much daytime TV in your youth. Check out Kara's blog to glean the tips you can use in your own life, whether you're a marathoner or not. This week Britney is showing us how to Be a Hammer Thrower or Just Train Like One. Read on! 

Pump Up/Cool Down Playlist
You must have is a great playlist for whatever practice you are about to conquer. I tend to pick a playlist that is going to push me through my warm-up, weight session and my drive home. My playlist ranges from Top 40 to DubStep to Classic Rock. Pick songs that can pump you up on a moments notice or chill you out after a hard session. On any given practice you can find me with my pink headphones warming up to the latest dance hits. Gotta get the juices flowing and my body ready for the ultimate dance…the hammer dance:) During my throwing practice, I like it quiet so I can hear the rhythm of my feet. Once throwing is finished, I'm off to the weight room and the pump up music is back on. This is when you can find some Dubstep coming through the speakers. After weights and I'm heading home for the day, it's Classic Rock or Country.


Busy day means shakes and snack are a must.
Between work, training, and driving between them, one of my meals is eaten in the car. It is usually my protein shakes after my weights session but I keep plenty of snacks stashed just in case I need a quick boost. When I pick a protein shake, I go for the one that has the least amount of ingredients, least amount of sugar and I go for Whey over Soy. My snack that I always have on hand is a mixture of: Goldfish+Costco Trail Mix+almonds+pistachios&Chex mix= 2 Thumbs Up.


Muscles are the new tattoos.
Please, Please, Please make sure to take care of your muscles. You built these beautiful sculptures and there is no need for them to go to waste. I know that as a runner, your muscles do not need to be thrower size but you are going to need a few of them to get you through hard workouts and up the hills. Right now, you can find me in the weight room five days a week. Three days are dedicated to Olympic Lifts and two days are used for bodybuilding/maintenance exercises. 


Write all about it. Burn some and keep some. 
I can proudly say that over the last few months, I have become a writer. Any thought that I keep grinding on, good or bad, I write it down. The bad ones I take to the fireplace, light the page on fire and watch it burn away. For me, it cleanses my mind of the negative/tense/non-productive thoughts that keep running through my mind. With thoughts that I love, I write them on my wall. Waking up to my goals/dreams/words that inspire, puts a smile on my face and gets me ready for the day. 

September 22, 2015 — jacquelyn scofield

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