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How is a runner supposed to know when they're "race-ready"?

According to Brad Hudson's book that I've been following the past 12 weeks, I'm as ready as I'll ever be to run a half marathon PR this Sunday at Goodlife Fitness Victoria Marathon. I did my workouts, ran my long runs, mastered the difference between goal pace and running at "effort", sprinted many 10 second hills on Monday mornings, and crushed 5 miles tempos. Even threw in a handful of ice baths to really feel the burn. Well… the burrrr-ning of tingling prickly toes.


And I have proof of it all. An 8.5 x 11 inch piece of paper that locked me into training for my 3rd half marathon, now 3 days away. Because runners know you can't write in a training journal ---> "Start of half marathon training!" and NOT fill out each box to the finish. Runners are so strange.

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But with all the hard work there is still room for questioning. From my freshman year in highschool to my sophmore year in college I remember before every cross country meet our coaches would always tell us, "Every girl on the line is nervous. Breathe and relax. You will go great." They had built up confidence in all of us and believed we had it in us to race strong. All we had to do was move our little legs, swing at 90 degrees, and gun it to the finish.

That was then and this is now. Same 'ol butterflies buzzing around in my stomach like their on red bull and yet every time that first mile hits I become fully in tune with the sport I love - and all is okay.


So here's my one last thought that I'm packing with me and trekking to Canada for a 7:30 am start on October 13th....

The key to knowing is not knowing, but believing.

Not just for my race, but for every runner that has dedicated the past few months to making this weekend great. My Volée teammate Robyn Hefner convinced me to sign up for this race (bless her runner soul). My close friend Claire Boyer will be racing alongside me with high hopes to PR. And thousands of fierce runners will be racing around the country in Chicago, Connecticut, California and more. Believe you can race fast, feel the intense energy and soothing calm of each mile, and know with confidence you're ready to fly.

October 09, 2013 — Atsuko Tamara

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