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Everyone meet Brenda,


if you follow any of our store shenanigans, at some point you’ve probably seen Brenda rocking some Spando shorts leaping into the air with a big smile on her face (talk about a Bright Bird). You’ve also most likely seen pictures of our Thursday Night Flight Club that meets at the store, and how that dedicated group keeps growing and growing!

Well, we have Brenda to thank for that, and not to mention her epic TNFC emails she sends out every Tuesday night to let people know the upcoming happenings. You know when this email has officially landed because snickering quickly travels throughout the Nest. Those emails are HILARIOUS, seriously we are a little scared Brenda might leave us for a career in comedy.

So with that, we thought everyone could use a little Brenda in their life. Here's letter from Brenda to the TNFC’s near and far. 

Happy Spring Equinox Friends!  

Ahhh, Spring. Not just a new month to get things right but an entire season. Kidding. Kidding. I think anytime we lace up our shoes and get out the door, especially when we don't have big races or goals, is amazing. I'm currently in that space and literally just lacing up on the daily for life. Okay that that sounded a little dramatic, but you babes know what I'm talking about. I see you all on the gram rocking your Training for Life Mother**%@#* shirts, bracelets, mugs etc., and I dig it. It's true!  

Every day we all lace up for different reasons. We're all fighting big battles in life, or little wars within ourselves. And running, well...running saves us from all that even if it's just temporary. It gives us the courage to keep going, to keep trying, to not give up, no matter what we're taking on. For some of us, running alone gets us there, but for many (including myself) we need a village, a community. 


Enter Flight Club, otherwise known as our local Thursday Night Flight Club (#TNFC). A little over a year ago, Val and I were given an opportunity to lead our local TNFC group. Both of us didn't really know what we were really getting into, but we're yes gals, so we dove in. I remember during those early days, stressing in my little running shorts and nervous no one would show up. What? We all deal with personal insecurities now you know one of mine. Lol! 

Fast forward to present day and Flight Club has grown more than we've ever imagined. Heck, we see you all far and wide starting your own mini Flight Clubs or running groups across the country and our little hearts swell with joy. We grin ear to ear because we know how important creating a safe space for people to show up and feel supported is. That's Flight Club in a nutshell, because when you put people first you can never lose. When you just listen with compassion to a friend or stranger in need, we shift the pendulum towards our humanity. Towards peace. Towards tolerance. We pay it forward in more ways than we know. 

Just this week alone, Val and I went running with our friends and neighbors at Super Jock 'N Jill, one of the first local running companies in Seattle to carry Oiselle when no one else knew about us. It was great stepping outside our routines and running with their co-ed group and listening to our neighbors' stories on why they run. What running means to them. How running with a group affects their lives in the most positive way, like the 43 year old man who ran his first half marathon just two weeks ago and can't wait to run another. What? Running I tell ya. 

Then this week Val and I received the warmest note from one of our newest TNCF members and well gosh darn it, that warmed our little hearts too. 

"Thank you very much!  I am really looking forward to being tenacious. And thank you both for all of your encouragement. I can’t tell you how much I look forward to Thursday nights. I work in a very white, old man’s world and have for 26 years. It is empowering to be around so many strong, young confident women. It gives me great hope for the next generation. And it gives me greater confidence to feel strong(ish) in my own body. That’s a lot for a Thursday night, but all true."

So wherever you are, keep lacing up. If you've contemplated joining a running group, do it. Just show up and keep showing up and before you know it, something will shift. 

Here's to another beautiful running season friends. 




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March 22, 2018 — Allyson Ely

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