We had all the ingredients for a beautiful photoshoot: a great weather forecast, a camper van (thanks to our prez, Atsuko!), Mighty Creatures photographers, Littlewing, bins and bins of puffy styles, and Central Oregon ready to show off her splendor. What could go wrong?

5:30am: oops! Dead battery!

5:55am: Praise be for a multi-talented photography crew

With luck and good friends, we were on our way!

6:55am: Made it! And the views were breathtaking

7:05am: First agenda - campfire! Make it toasty!

7:30am: This was no mock brew - real coffee necessary

8:10am: Who needs a pastry as big as her head? (All raise hands)

8:45am: The Lawrence sisters never tired of their quest to hand-feed the birds - and yes, goal achieved!

9:15am: Overheard from the sidelines: “Be careful, that hammock is just a prop!”

9:30am: Team meeting on the dock!

10:10am: “Just hanging out in my underwear and a sweatshirt journaling! Naturally. Do it all the time.”

10:50am: You know, read the map and plan your route!

11:15am: Don’t let that fire die!

12:10pm: That’s a wrap!

And yes, there are still a few more surprises headed your way, woods willing.

Don’t miss all of the holiday gear and fun accessories (plus jammies!) that just launched - we gave everything the full Oiselle test on this photoshoot and can report: 5 stars!


*Team Littlewing was very fortunate to be able to shoot together. The majority of the team live together in the same household, and all follow strict COVID protocols and testing.*

November 11, 2020 — Sarah Lesko
Tags: style


Janelle said:

Awe this makes me miss BBC. And Hi Angel 👋🏽

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