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roga cap

roga cap

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Updated and better than ever. The big comment from wear testers on this design is how well it fits. And though it be small, it is also mighty. Reflective bird graphic for low light visibility, check. One-tug elastic closure, check. Small stash pocket, check check. And in a beautiful stretch woven in vibrant colors. Add the black under-bill for anti-glare, and it's the perfect hat for all the summer running.

- nylon / spandex
- reflective brim edge
- reflective bird design
- external pocket with zipper
- elastic barrel closure
- one size fits most
- spot wash

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Average Rating:
6 reviews

true to size

true to size
  • San Diego, California
  • 37
  • 5'5
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Finally a hat that fits!

I love this hat! It's really pretty, super light weight and functional. I also love that it has a lot of reflective details on it and most of all IT FITS!
I have a pretty small head. Both circumference and profile (rise?/height). Most low profile run hats still don't fit me and I've had to resort to kids (girls/youth) hats to have them fit. While this isn't "perfect" on me (I've realized that none will be), it still works and doesn't look big. I am happy with it and would love to buy more in different colors if they come out with more. You can see in the photo how the top caves in a bit - this is because my head is so tiny, but it still doesn't look horrible.

  • pretty bird details, size is smaller and fits my tiny head, purple, light weight, reflective
  • could still be smaller or come in 2 sizes
true to size

Great Visibility especially during hunting season!

I have a hard time finding hats that work for my head, and this one is great. It doesn't hit my ears and the color is super bright which was my primary driver for purchasing. This hat makes me feel safer trail running during hunting season because the color is almost as orange as hunting vests. The pocket is a nice touch and the ponytail opening at the back is wide enough for people with thick, curly hair to actually get their ponytail through!

  • Color
  • Nothing
true to size
  • Michigan


This is a fantastic hat. The pocket is a dream come true. The best part? It doesn't smell! Seriously. I've worn and sweated in mine a bunch of times and it does not smell. This is the first running hat I've owned that doesn't smell terribly after one run.
I've purchased the Roga visor for triathlons and really hot days because I love this hat so much.

  • Fit, fabric, utility, the velcro
true to size
  • Bavaria
  • 47
  • 5-6

Hat Happy

Love the New Roga Hat. I find it can easily make it snug or loose depending on what I want or if it's windy (then I cinch it on). The fabric is amazing-perhaps too amazing because I tried to douse it with water on a recent HOT day and it has wicking power! I find the fabric to be a bit warm on hot days, but it's very lightweight and comfortable. I'm picky with hats and this one is a winner for me.

  • fit, color
  • a bit warm
true to size
  • Oregon

Breaths Well!

I love this hat! I like hats when it is raining, but hate having hats on when it is not raining, but was pleasantly surprised by this hat. The Roga fabric seems to make it breath really well...I barely noticed I was wearing it even on a hot day.

The side zipper pocket is perfect for a key or gel, which is an added bonus!

  • side pocket
little bit loose
  • Orange County
  • 40
  • 5'3"

Wanted to LOVE

I always wear a hat when I run. This one appealed to me because of the bright color (I worry I won't be seen by cars) and side pocket.
My dissatisfaction is with the size. Perhaps I have a small head, but, even when I adjust the hat, it isn't as snug as my other hats. While facing head wind, I do find myself holding on to my hat so it won't fall off.

  • Color, material, side pocket
  • Weak Velcro, seems to big

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