Updated and better than ever. The big comment from wear testers on this design is how well it fits. And though it be small, it is also mighty. Reflective bird graphic for low light visibility, check. One-tug elastic closure, check. Small stash pocket, check check. And in a beautiful stretch woven in vibrant colors. This season we added a favorite feature: the foldable bill, for easy packing and stashing.

- nylon / spandex
- reflective bird design
- foldable brim for packing
- external pocket with zipper
- elastic barrel closure
- one size fits most
- spot wash

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Greatest hat ever made

I have two race caps that actually fit my head - both from 2016 when Pearl Izumi discontinued their run line. They are now frayed and full of holes and I did not know what I would replace them with until I found this hat. It is perfect. The fit is fantastic, it wicks and dries like a dream, and it's incredibly comfortable. Love the elastic adjuster, secret key pocket and reflective birds on the top. It also folds nicely if you want to stuff into your pack or pocket during a night run, or if the mountain weather kicks up and you need something more substantial. Full disclosure: I have a smaller head and have a really hard time finding anything that actually fits. This does not cover my ears or sit too low on my forehead like every other had from every other brand I have ever tried on. I did see other reviewers say they thought it was too small - I do hope if Oiselle makes any changes they will keep this size and just offer a larger variation to meet those needs. This hat is seriously a game changer for me.

Nice hat but my head is too large

I bet this would be a comfortable hat on someone who has a small to normal head! I own a lot of different types of hats, so I know that I have a large head. I decided to keep this one as my backup hat to have in the car, but it does feel too short and slightly snug, even at the largest setting. The fabric seems great for a run. I wish Oiselle could make this in a larger size.

Cute but won’t stay on my head

I want to like this hat more than I do. The bright yellow is really cute, and I love the fabric — it dries quickly! But this hat will not stay on my head. I thought it was wind at first. But even walking on a calm day, the back of the hat would creep up and the hat would come off my head. It’s simply not deep enough, which makes me sad. I don’t have an abnormally large head or anything. So I can’t recommend it!

I have these in every color

These are hands down the best hats I have ever worn. I am not a hat wearer. But, I tried this hat last year, and I now find that I am a hat wearer - as long as it is THIS hat. It is literally perfect. It is very lightweight. My head does not get "hot" in it. It folds. I wear it for running whether it is sunny or raining, and it keeps my face shaded from both sun and rain. I've worn the pink color (raspberry?) so much that it is completely faded now. I have this in pink, orange, and the four colors featured here. I think I could wear this hat every day and never get tired of it. Please bring more bright colors: pink, purple (though, the indigo is a lot like purple), red, green, another orange-y. I will happily keep purchasing.

love this hat: please get it back in stock!

I love this hat. My daughter borrows it also. Comfortable, breathable, perfect fit, high visibility... this hat has it all. Please make more! I would love to order more in orange, and other colors also if available.

Out of stock!

Devastated these are out of stock everywhere... any ideas when the next version or restock will be available??

So glad I bought two!

This is the perfect hat! Luckily I purchased both the orange and the raspberry. Love that the bill has a seam to fold, so as to prevent getting misshaped. Very easy to adjust size, light material and BONUS, there's a small pocket for your key or id. Just need more colors.

Perfect Running hat

I love this hat! I have it in both the orange/clementine and fig color. For running I actually like the orange better, just because. The fig looks cute for casual wear. I have a really small head and face; most hats are over sized, hide my face, and make my ears bulge out. This is great for my small head, my face shows, and it is not uncomfortable around the ears. I have a problem with sweating and over heating when wearing a hat, but I can wear these even on the warm California days.

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