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More is more when it comes to hidden pockets. And why have one pocket, when you can have three? This design provides plenty of coverage, and run-ready support, with a wide, stable chestband. And when it comes to pockets, you can choose the large center front pocket, with a double layer of Plya™ Interlock, or two small side mesh pockets that are ideal for smaller items such as card keys or lip balm. In the rear, a wide racerback panel is given even more support via two outside straps that help stabilize and disperse pressure.

Featured in Outside's Winter Buyer's Guide as part of the Best Women’s Running Gear of 2021.


• Large front pocket
• Small mesh pocket under each underarm
• Racerback silhouette bra with supporting straps
• Removable cups
• Compression level: 2
• Constructed with Bluesign Approved Fabrics


• Plya Interlock Compression (polyester / spandex)

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At Oiselle, our vision is to help all women feel strong and free through the joy of running. Our mission is to design great product, build the sisterhood, and improve the sport. May we all experience the transformative power of sports and community.

Customer Reviews

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Pocket utility falls short, but otherwise a great bra

I bought 2 of these bras solely because of the front pocket -- I thought it'd be the perfect solution for when I'm running in shorts without a pocket to hold my phone. I was very disappointed when as soon as I started jogging (slowly!), my phone bounced up and down so much that it threatened to fall out of the pocket. I'm a 34A (so not much size up top) and have an iPhone X, which, without a case, fit nicely in the front pocket (the top peaked out a bit). But there was nothing to ensure that my phone was secure -- no gripper material in the pocket, no tab to cover the top, no zipper or velcro closure, etc. I had to hold my phone the entire run, which was really annoying and stressful (trying not to drop it!). I'll try putting it in the pocket with the case next time, but I wish the pocket was better designed for phone safety (and not having the added bulk of a phone case on my chest). Otherwise, the bra in general is great. I felt very supported, the material is soft, it didn't chafe, very comfortable overall. I'm kinda between sizes right now, so the 4 was a bit tight, but tolerable.

Comfortable and looks good

Been looking for a comfortable running bra. Ordered this because of the phone pocket. My phone fits perfectly. It's also super comfortable!

Favorite bra for race day

No need to bag check on race day with the Pockito!

I don’t experience the issues with phone bounce that other women have reported, but that might be due to my body dimensions and phone dimensions (iPhone12, 34B). Love the strap design and color options, too!

Can’t Have Too Many

As someone with autism, who has quite a few sensory issues, I can’t recommend this bra enough. I wear headphones almost all the time to drown out surrounding sound. I’ve always shoved my phone in my bra so I can walk around hands-free. But, phone in bra can lead to sweaty phone, and phones don’t like sweat, and I don’t like a wet phone. With this bra? It’s no longer an issue! The front pocket fits my phone well.
I also love that this bra offers full coverage, removable cups, and a snug fit. I like to wear compressive clothing (again, for sensory reasons), and I forget about this bra while I’m wearing it.
While I don’t find the bra compressive enough to run in (I like to be locked in, with zero bounce), I do find it works well for light activity (walking, yoga, elliptical, etc.).
I think I own 6 of them at this point, and I plan to buy more.