Inspired by the engineering of suspension bridges, the Sisters Bra is designed for maximum security, support, and coverage at all points. The name alludes to the sisterhood in its design: two layers of construction working in harmony. An inner layer, which includes unique meshes and molded cups, while attaching those elements to an inner set of straps. This inner layer = encapsulation, supporting each breast. The outer layer and outer straps represent the compression, holding everything in place. The four-strap system more evenly distributes the weight, relieving strap pressure which can often cause pain or welting in the skin. The Sisters Bra is also higher on the neck, to minimize top bounce, with the two layers of mesh at the neck serving both form and function.

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- Power Plya™ Compression. 78% polyester / 22% Spandex®
- Straps are covered, padded, and stable for minimal bounce
- 1.5” plush ribbed elastic chest band for comfort and heat management
- Double strap design evenly distributes weight, reducing pressure and pain
- Two layers of power mesh connects cups to inner straps
- Sewn in molded cups with perforation for heat release
- No-stretch power mesh liner to maintain shape and stability
- 2 hook and eye closures with 3 positions for a just-right fit
- Covered pad protects skin from hook and eye closure
- Plush Elastic with custom Oiselle birds design

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews

I thought this might be THE ONE. It turns out that it’s just as disappointing as all the other bras I’ve tried to tame my girls. I’ve always doubled up bras to provide support under my boobs and on top. This bra provides lower support, but very little on my upper chest. The inner bra is loose in comparison to the outer bra and the pads stick out. If I tighten it up, the bottom band rides up to the underside of my boobs, the inner bra becomes looser and more wrinkled and it’s very uncomfortable in the shoulders. I wish I could find a bra that holds my chest down as opposed to just pushing my boobs up.

Love the style, wish for more support

I'm a 34DD, and always on the hunt for good sports bras. The style of this bra is great. I love the way it looks. It's a little tricky to get on if you aren't dexterous with hooking a bra in the back, and I wish it were easier to turn to hook it in the front when putting it on. I was a little disappointed in the support. I don't feel locked in enough to use this one for running, but will use it for everything else. Thanks for venturing into banc/cup sized bras for us busty gals!

Missing adjustability

I had high hopes, but I really needed the inner bra to be adjustable. The straps were so short, I couldn't pull down past my collar bone. I'm 5'10 and too long torso-ed for this bra.


Omg. Finally. I have wanted Oiselle bras to work for me for such a long time but they were always non-adjustable which doesn't work for my high chest. Though it takes some work to get into this one, I never want to take it off. I completely forget I'm wearing it. Most comfortable bra of any kind, ever. Perfect support for running and can we please talk about how it doesn't create a uniboob? I have a large chest and every sports bra I've had that provides enough support and has adjustable straps gives me uniboob. Not having uniboob makes me feel extra awesome. THANK YOU!!

Thank You Oiselle!

I have struggled to find the right sports bra for most of my life. I’ve gone from wearing two bras to only wearing the Brooks Racer Back because it was the only one that provided compression + support. Since getting pregnant, my boobs have a gained a mind of their own and the Sisters Bra is the only bra to get them under control!

Close but not the one

I have been on the hunt for a supportive, comfortable bra for years - MC Juno was the last bra that worked well for me and they're no longer available. I desire 0 movement when running since I find bounce distracting and painful, and most bras made for my size claim to be supportive but are still bouncy. I was very excited about this bra and ordered after some of the reviews came in. I've loved Oiselle for shorts/leggings and figured a bra they've worked for years on (and made by women for women!) would be top notch.

I really wanted to love this bra, but it didn't fit me quite right. I'll still use the bra, but it's not an instant new favorite.

The pros:
-It IS supportive without crushing me to the point where I can't breathe or bend over easily. I took it on a bike ride and a medium speed 5k run to try it out this afternoon and I didn't feel like I was bouncing. I certainly wasn't distracted by bounce or soreness which means that it worked!
-It's soft, comfortable, and looks very pretty. I got the Empire color and love it. I also think the 2 separate cups is nice for separation (I still got sweat between the boobs, but it was not as bad as some).
-I was pleased with the full coverage of the cups - Oiselle didn't skimp here, so no side boob with this bra.

-As some others have noted, the bra is basically 2 bras in one, but only one set of straps is adjustable. I found the non-adjustable part of the racerback to be too short, so the bra is higher in the back than the front (Rather than one level horizontal band all the way around) & makes me feel like it's too small. I might have just ordered the wrong size but I'm not sure that a larger band or cup would have given me more length for one set of straps.
-The edge of the mesh of the one layer at the top (neck area) and the bottom ends of the adjustable bird straps in the back on the inside rubbed/itched a little when just wearing this around the house yesterday (I wore it for a day before using it for exercise). I'm going to use this with caution as I start to go up in mileage for runs since they could end up as chafe points
-the fabric on the bottom band got way sweatier than other running bras I have. Not a huge negative, just an observation. It was WET instead of damp, and not sure how this would do in the summer for a long run. I also got a river of middle-of-the-boobs sweat from the double layers, and I suppose this could be what led to a wet band.

For reference: I am 5'6" and wear ~34C in regular bras. My previous running bras have been either 32C or 32/24B. With pandemic weight, my bust has expanded a bit so I went with a 34C in this bra - and probably could have gone up somewhere to help with the length issue.

finally the support we need!

I have struggled pretty much forever to find a comfortable, supportive bra for running. I am a D cup, and I've tried a variety of brands and styles over the years, never really fully satisfied with the support offered. I was disappointed Oiselle didn't have a good support bra for those of us with larger chests, and then THIS bra came out! I immediately ordered one to see how it performed, and I couldn't be happier. It is a lot of bra, but each aspect of it serves it's purpose well and the support is amazing. I appreciate that you can adjust one set of the straps to make it a more custom fit. The second layer does exactly what it says- reduces top bounce and limits exposure. The material is super comfortable and doesn't chafe on even high intensity runs or long runs. It fits true to size- I'm a 34D in "normal" bras, ordered a 34d in this and it fits perfectly. Thank you for developing a high support bra for us larger chested runners! I will now slowly continue to phase out my old bras now that I have a new favorite! Please don't stop making these- ever!!


I have been searching for the proverbial holy grail of bras ever since Brooks canceled the Juno (and honestly that was just ok). Finally found it! This bra is seriously amazingly comfortable and supportive. I’m a 34DD and I struggle to find a functional sports bra that gives enough support and doesn’t chafe the crap out of me. Thank you Oiselle!! More colors pretty please!