A new bra for putting Heavyweight Lux to work in all the right ways. Not one, but two layers in a simple pullover style with a cross front design. Supportive for low-impact activities, this is the bra you can easily wear on the daily or during light workouts. The cross-front design is also convenient for breast feeding, that unique mama-workout! No matter what the use, the lovely thickness of this fabric provides a soft hug of support that makes you forget you're wearing a bra (hallelujah). Updated for Fall 2020 with a wider chest strap and more coverage.

- Heavyweight Lux (polyester / spandex)
- cross front design
- double layer of fabric for support
- compression level: 1

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
My favorite everyday bra

I live in these, they are so comfortable, I don’t even notice they are on. But they are still supportive enough I can go for a fast walk or recovery shuffle and not have to change to a sport bra. I love the wazzie wool bras too, but they aren’t as supportive as this one. It works under everything too, and passes enough for a regular support bra that I don’t hesitate to wear it with regular clothes. The only thing I wish is that they can on a light cream/white color to go under white shirts! I have every color, and the only days I don’t wear one is if I am in a light colored shirt (ok let’s be honest, sometimes I just let the bra show through the shirt because I love them so much!)

Cute and comfortable for walking and lounging

I was looking for a bra I could sleep in and would provide enough support to walk the dogs in the morning. This is it! I've hardly taken this bra off since I bought it. I'm a 30 E or 32 C and I bought the size 2. It isn't loose on me; I like some compression and bras always stretch out over time so I start on the small side. The wide back keeps the straps from putting too much pressure on my shoulders. The low cut is cute and the fabric is soft yet strong. 10/10 would recommend.

Please make more in other colors! I will buy them.

So comfy!

I wear sports bras every day for work Bc I have an active job and by the end of the day I can’t wait to take it off. This bra is so comfortable I often forget I’m wearing one! Love! Gonna buy it in more colors!!

Best WFH purchase in COVID history

I love everything about this bra for casual use. I typically work from home and wear it every single day. I hardly wash it because that would mean I'd have to take it off. It has enough support and structure that I don't hesitate to wear it out of the house as well.

I'm a 32DD with very heavy breast tissue (cysts). I wear a M/6 and was super surprised at the level of support it provides. The band is thick, feels like a tight hug, and doesn't budge. The cups have legit coverage without feeling constricting. And lux is just magical in any application, but especially as an undergarment. At the end of a long day, when I wear this bra along with my lux pants and lux long sleeve, I feel like I'm melting.

Best ever breastfeeding bra.

I have 4 of them and I want to get these two new colors. I wear them to bed, all day, under any shirt. They’re thick enough that they can hide a small amount of leakage, they’re comfy as hell and I see myself continuing to wear them long after we wean. I’m probably only nursing another 2 months but you seriously cannot have too many of these. I have most in my usual size 6 and one in an 8. The 6 makes me a little busty looking, the 8 is roomier. Both are comfy.

Best daily wear bra I’ve ever put on

This is, without a doubt, the most comfortable bra I have ever owned. The bottom band is supportive but not too tight, the coverage is fantastic, and it just somehow manages to be supportive while not feeling like it’s even there. For reference, I ordered a size 2 and I’m a 32 c/d.

soft fabric but straps are too short

The fabric and design of this bra is great, especially for lounging around or yoga. However, I haven't been able to get over the shortness of the straps to grab this bra more often. Although, I do have a longer than average torso and most nonadjustable sports bras tend to fall a little short, but this bra rides up more than usual especially when raising my arms above my head.

Great! But straps run short

Love this bra. So soft and you forget you're wearing it. My only complaint is that the straps feel too short and there's no way to adjust them. I'm a 32C and usually wear a 4 in Oiselle bras, but for this style it results in the band sliding up my chest a bit instead of resting around my ribcage...and if I went up a size the band would be too wide!

Love them anyway...bought a second one.