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We sized up! This new Flyout Gaiter provides an extra wide opening, so that it's easy to extend over a ponytail or big hair. Soft, stretchy, and sweat-moving, it gives you cover and comfort. Designed specifically for warmer weather, our Flyout HoverFit is a natural wicker of moisture and sweat. This version includes two layers, for increased protection and coverage when needed.

This style is part of our Fabric Forward collection. Limited quantities are available.

- Flyout Hoverfit (polyester/tencel/spandex)
- double layer
- Oiselle logo screenprinted on outer layer
- length: 18"
- neck opening: 11"

Customer Reviews

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I should have read the reviewed before buying. WAY too big.

Yes, the material is lovely but there is no way this can function as a comfortable running mask It's gigantic. On hot runs, I normally keep my gaiter around my neck and pull it up when I get close to people. This is WAY too big to do that easily while moving. Rather, the whole thing has to be pulled up around your entire head for the entire run.

Love it

While everyone else is complaining about how big this thing is, that's exactly why I love it! Other gaiters feel too tight and restrictive when I have them pulled down around my neck and make me too hot. This is loose enough that I still get a breeze. Yeah, when I pull it up I have to pull it way up over my ponytail, that means that it protects my ears from the sun and bugs though! I want all the colors!


lovely fabric. at least 3x bigger than it should be to be functional, ESPECIALLY in hot weather (which is sort of the point of flyout fabric). would LOVE something 1/3 the length with much narrower opening in this fabric. much too wide an opening to use as headband or face mask. it would just flop around if you tried to run in it.

Erin G.
Lightweight for summer running

This neck gaiter is wonderful. It’s lightweight and soft, and I forget I have it on. It’s a little wider than most gaiters, so it can be tricky to get it to stay up if you’re wearing it to cover your face (the trick is to put it over your pony tail or hat so it stays up). Overall, I really love this product.

Danielle H.
Material is awesome, modify for a mask

The material is so beautiful and lightweight, I purchased to wear as a mask while running and it’s fine after clipping it or tying it to the drawstring on my hat. The opening is way too wide to wear as a mask, unless you have a gigantic head and/or are wearing a football helmet.

too big

Excited to get them in the mail but after trying them on, they are too big. They could size down at least an inch around and few inches in length. Can these be returned after trying them on?

Great material, opening too wide to use as a mask

I should have looked closer at the measurements, but as other reviewers mentioned the opening is too wide to stay up as a mask. I'm not looking for something to wear on my face for the entire run, but when I'm passing someone on a trail or sidewalk I want it to stay up easily for a minute or two. It's also about twice as long as I need for that purpose so it's too bulky around my neck for summer. I'm thinking about cutting it in half to make two shorter gaiters and sewing the opening about 2-3 inches smaller. It's a great fabric, but the dimensions just don't work for how I planned to use it.

Beautiful color, but the opening is way way too big to stay on my face

I was excited to get a buff in flyweight material from Oiselle as a handy 'around the neck/oops need a mask now' during these Covid times but mercy the head opening is big. I've tried all manner of ways and I can't get it to stay around my face. I've pulled it inside out, I've folded it on itself multiple times, but it just falls straight down. This isn't useful as a face mask, and it's DEFINITELY not usable when it gets cold, since IT WON'T STAY ON MY FACE.

Come on Oiselle, what is up with your sizing these days? The last four things I've bought from you have been so weirdly wrongly sized.

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