Blackbird Cap

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This hat was love at first wear! From its stretch-woven fit, to its cycling-cap vibe, to its adjustable back and foldability, it had what we were looking for: a hat that was equally comfortable for sport and life. The bill is firm enough to do its job in protecting your face from the elements, but the whole hat can be easily folded down and stuffed into a pocket or waistband. Reflective eyelets are subtle, but still provide safety.


•One size fits most
•Spot wash
•Crushable design


•Reflective details
•Elastic barrel closure

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Customer Reviews

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Would be great if brim had structure

Like a couple other reviewers mentioned, I received this cap in a weird shape. Because there is no structure to the brim, it arrived in a crazy shape and looked super bent and warped when I put it on. I don't see a way for me to rebend it and correct the shape. If the brim were to be redesigned with shape and structure like the Roga and Trucker hats, then this hat would be so much better. Liked the fun PNW color, but unfortunately it is not wearable and I am returning it.


When I first got this hat it was so crumply and I structured that I thought there was no way the brim would even stay up out of myself. But IT does:) it is super light and comfortable even when soaked with sweat. Love that it does not giggle around like some baseball caps do. Try it. Don’t panic when you first get it and it looks like a rag- it really works as a hat.

So soft!

I’ve had my hat for a few months and I love it when I wear it. The elastic cinch is a lot easier to adjust one-handed than a typical velcro strap, plus, my hair doesn’t get caught in the Velcro, and the edge of the hat doesn’t dent my hair when I have it down.
What other commenters say about the brim not being stiff or structured is true. What I do to keep it from getting a wavy shape is fold it in half and squish it flat when I’m not wearing it, but I know not everyone will want to do that.

Best hat!

I love this hat so much! Unlike my normal baseball hats, and a running hat I had from Brooks, this fits snugly thanks to the adjustable band. Even on windy days it stays put. Super lightweight. The only surprise was how soft the brim is--you can't bend it into shape like you would with a regular baseball hat. This doesn't bug me at all when I'm wearing it so really a non-issue...I'm so happy to have finally landed on my perfect running hat!